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Garveia Wright, 1859

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Garveia nutans Wright, 1859 (type by monotypy)
Species Garveia annulata Nutting, 1901
Species Garveia arborea (Browne, 1907)
Species Garveia belyaevi Stepanjants & Chernyshev, 2015
Species Garveia cerulea (Clarke, 1882)
Species Garveia clevelandensis Pennycuik, 1959
Species Garveia crassa (Stechow, 1923)
Species Garveia franciscana (Torrey, 1902)
Species Garveia gracilis (Clark, 1876)
Species Garveia grisea (Motz-Kossowska, 1905)
Species Garveia nutans Wright, 1859
Species Garveia polarsterni Stepanjants, 2001

Species Garveia brevis (Fraser, 1918) (taxon inquirendum)
Species Garveia laxa (Fraser, 1938) (taxon inquirendum)
Species Garveia pusilla (Fraser, 1925) (taxon inquirendum)
Species Garveia robusta (Torrey, 1902) (taxon inquirendum)
Species Garveia tenella (Fraser, 1925) (taxon inquirendum)

Species Garveia biscayana (Browne, 1907) accepted as Amphinema biscayana (Browne, 1907)
Species Garveia formosa (Fewkes, 1889) accepted as Rhizorhagium formosum (Fewkes, 1889) (genus transfer)
Species Garveia fruticosa Scheurig, 1922 accepted as Garveia nutans Wright, 1859 (possible synonym)
Species Garveia groenlandica Levinson, 1892 accepted as Rhizorhagium roseum M. Sars, 1874 (synonym)
Species Garveia humilis (Allman, 1877) accepted as Bimeria vestita Wright, 1859 (synonym)
Species Garveia robusta (Warren, 1907) accepted as Parawrightia robusta Warren, 1907
Species Garveia roseum (Sars, 1874) accepted as Rhizorhagium roseum M. Sars, 1874
Species Garveia sarsii (Bonnevie, 1898) accepted as Rhizorhagium roseum M. Sars, 1874 (synonym)
Wright, T. S. 1859b. Observations on British zoophytes. Edinburgh new Philosophical Journal 10: 105-114, pls 8-9., available online at
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original description  (ofCorythamnium Allman, 1859) Allman, G. J. 1859b. Notes on the hydroid zoophytes. Annals and Magazine of Natural History (3)4: 48-55., available online at
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page(s): 250 [details]  OpenAccess publication 
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Diagnosis Colonial hydroids with erect, branched stems, monosiphonic or polysiphonic; hydranth fusiform, hypostome dome-shaped or conical, surrounded by one distal whorl of tentacles; pseudohydrothecae covering polyp base but not sheathing tentacles; gonophores fixed sporosacs, borne on pedicels on hydrocauli or on hydrorhiza. [details]

Garveia nutans Wright, 1859
 Garveia nutans Wrig...
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