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Tachidius Lilljeborg, 1853

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Tachidius brevicornis Lilljeborg, 1853 (type by original designation)
Subgenus Tachidius (Tachidius)
Species Tachidius abrau Krichagin, 1877
Species Tachidius arcticus Olofsson, 1917
Species Tachidius brevicornis Lilljeborg, 1853
Species Tachidius convergens Labbé, 1927
Species Tachidius elongatus (Labbé, 1926)
Species Tachidius fonticola Chambers, 1881
Species Tachidius hydrobiologicus Oliveira, 1945
Species Tachidius incisipes Klie, 1913
Species Tachidius laurenticus Nicholls, 1939
Species Tachidius longicornis Olofsson, 1917
Species Tachidius minutus Claus, 1866
Species Tachidius pygmaeus Krichagin, 1873
Species Tachidius rotus (Labbé, 1926)
Species Tachidius spitzbergensis Olofsson, 1917

Species Tachidius discipes Giesbrecht, 1881 (taxon inquirendum)

Subgenus Tachidius (Neotachidius) Shen & Tai, 1963 represented as Neotachidius Shen & Tai, 1963

Species Tachidius berberus Monard, 1935 accepted as Microarthridion berberum (Monard, 1936)
Species Tachidius crassicornis Scott T., 1892 accepted as Microarthridion littorale (Poppe, 1881) (synonym according to Lang (1948))
Species Tachidius littoralis Poppe, 1881 accepted as Microarthridion littorale (Poppe, 1881)
Species Tachidius reductus Monard, 1935 accepted as Microarthridion reductum (Monard, 1935)
Species Tachidius triangularis Shen & Tai, 1963 accepted as Neotachidius triangularis (Shen & Tai, 1963)
Species Tachidius vicinospinalis Shen & Tai, 1964 accepted as Sinotachidius vicinospinalis (Shen & Tai, 1964) (synonym)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
Walter, T.C. & Boxshall, G. (2018). World of Copepods database. Tachidius Lilljeborg, 1853. Accessed at: on 2018-08-14
2004-12-21 15:54:05Z
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basis of record  (ofRhyncoceras Labbé, 1926) Walter, Chad. The world of Copepods. , available online at [details]   

source of synonymy  (ofRhyncoceras Labbé, 1926) Walter, Chad. The world of Copepods. , available online at [details]   
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Tachidius brevicornis from Sars, G.O. 1909
 Tachidius brevicorn...
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Tachidius brevicornis from Sars, G.O. 1909
 Tachidius brevicorn...
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