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Haplostoma Chatton & Harant, 1924

106460  (

Haplostoma canui Chatton & Harant, 1924 (type by original designation)
Aplostoma Canu, 1886 (preoccupied by Aplostoma Moquin-Tandon, 1856 (Mollusca))
Species Haplostoma affinis (Scott T., 1906)
Species Haplostoma alba (Hesse, 1868)
Species Haplostoma albicatum Ooishi & Illg, 1977
Species Haplostoma ambiguum Ooishi & Illg, 1977
Species Haplostoma banyulensis (Brément, 1909)
Species Haplostoma bispinosum Ooishi, 2009
Species Haplostoma brevicauda (Canu, 1886)
Species Haplostoma canui Chatton & Harant, 1924
Species Haplostoma dentatum Ooishi & Illg, 1977
Species Haplostoma dudleyae Ooishi, 1998
Species Haplostoma elegans Ooishi & Illg, 1977
Species Haplostoma elongatum Ooishi, 2009
Species Haplostoma eruca (Norman, 1869)
Species Haplostoma gibberum (Schellenberg, 1922)
Species Haplostoma humesi Ooishi, 1995
Species Haplostoma junctum Ooishi, 2009
Species Haplostoma kimi Seo & Lee, 2001
Species Haplostoma madagascarensis Ooishi, 2009
Species Haplostoma minutum Ooishi & Illg, 1977
Species Haplostoma mizoulei Monniot C., 1962
Species Haplostoma setiferum Ooishi & Illg, 1977

Species Haplostoma flava (Hesse, 1866) (taxon inquirendum)
Species Haplostoma viridis (Hesse, 1866) (taxon inquirendum)

Species Haplostoma gibbera (Schellenberg, 1922) represented as Haplostoma gibberum (Schellenberg, 1922)

Species Haplostoma amarouci (Blake, 1929) accepted as Haplostomides amarouci (Blake, 1929) (synonym)
Species Haplostoma hibernica (Scott T. & Scott A., 1895) accepted as Haplostomides hibernicus (Scott T. & Scott A., 1895)
Species Haplostoma megallanica (Chatton & Brément, 1910) accepted as Haplostomella magellanica (Chatton & Brément, 1910)
Species Haplostoma saccula (Chatton & Brément, 1910) accepted as Haplosaccus sacculus (Chatton & Brément, 1910)
Species Haplostoma sycozoae Salfi, 1926 accepted as Haplostomella sycozoae (Salfi, 1926)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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original description  (ofCryptopodus Hesse, 1865) Hesse, E. (1865). Observations sur des Crustacés rares ou nouveaux des côtes de France. Appendice à notre troisième article. Appendice à notre cinquième article. Sixième article. Annales des Sciences Naturelles, Série Zoologie et Biologie Animale, Paris (5)4: 223-258, pls. 6-7. [details]   

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