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NameGerlach, S. A.; Riemann, F. (1973). The Bremerhaven Checklist of Aquatic Nematodes. Veröffentlichungen des Instituts für Meeresforschung in Bremerhaven. Supplement 4, 1973 Heft, 1.
AuthorsGerlach, S. A.; Riemann, F.
TitleThe Bremerhaven Checklist of Aquatic Nematodes
JournalVeröffentlichungen des Instituts für Meeresforschung in Bremerhaven
SuffixSupplement 4, 1973 Heft, 1
Type Publication
NoteLocality: NA; Cabinet:; NeMys doc_id: 16794
Full textAvailable for editors  PDF available
Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorPomponematinae (taxonomy source)
Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorSabatieria rota Gerlach, 1957 (basis of record)
Antarctic Ocean for Archepsilonema celidotum Steiner, 1931
Antarctic Ocean for Bathyepsilonema brachycephalum Steiner, 1931
Antarctic Ocean for Bathyepsilonema drygalskii Steiner, 1931
Antarctic Ocean for Theristus acer Bastian, 1865
Azov sea for Daptonema conicum (Filipjev, 1922) Lorenzen, 1977
Azov sea for Daptonema maeoticum (Filipjev, 1922)
Azov sea for Monhystera attenuata Filipjev, 1922
Azov sea for Monhystera collaris Filipjev, 1922
Azov sea for Sphaerolaimus maeoticus Filipjev, 1922
Baltic sea for Axonolaimus villosus Skwarra, 1922
Baltic sea for Desmoscolex fennicus Lorenzen, 1969
Baltic sea for Diplolaimella ocellata (Bütschli, 1874)
Baltic sea for Hoffmaenneria niddensis (Skwarra, 1921)
Baltic sea for Metachromadora suecica (Allgén, 1929)
Baltic sea for Microlaimus globiceps de Man, 1880
Baltic sea for Microlaimus tenuispiculum de Man, 1922
Baltic sea for Monhystera fasciculata Skwarra, 1921
Baltic sea for Monhystera izhorica Filipjev, 1929
Baltic sea for Monhystera microphthalma de Man, 1880
Baltic sea for Monhystera minuta Filipjev, 1929
Baltic sea for Rhynchonema lyngei (Allgén, 1940) Gerlach, 1953
Baltic sea for Sphaerolaimus balticus Schneider, 1906
Baltic sea for Theristus bipunctatus (Schneider, 1906)
Baltic sea for Theristus flevensis Schuurmans Stekhoven, 1935
Baltic sea for Theristus velox (Bastian, 1865)
Barents Sea for Paracanthonchus bipapillatus Kreis, 1928
Black Sea for Araeolaimus gajevskii Paramonov, 1929
Black Sea for Araeolaimus ponticus Filipjev, 1922
Black Sea for Araeolaimus zosterae (Filipjev, 1918)
Black Sea for Axonolaimus ponticus Filipjev, 1918
Black Sea for Axonolaimus setosus Filipjev, 1918
Black Sea for Camacolaimus bathycola Filipjev, 1922
Black Sea for Camacolaimus dolichocercus Filipjev, 1922
Black Sea for Camacolaimus zostericola (Filipjev, 1918)
Black Sea for Cheironchus vorax Cobb, 1917
Black Sea for Chromadora nudicapitata (Bastian, 1865)
Black Sea for Chromadorina obtusa Filipjev, 1918
Black Sea for Chromadorina ocellata (Paramonov, 1929) Wieser, 1954
Black Sea for Chromadorita demaniana Filipjev, 1922
Black Sea for Chromadorita gracilis (Filipjev, 1922) Wieser, 1954
Black Sea for Chromaspirina pontica Filipjev, 1918
Black Sea for Cobbia triodonta Filipjev, 1918
Black Sea for Cobbionema acrocerca Filipjev, 1922
Black Sea for Comesoma stenocephalum Filipjev, 1918
Black Sea for Cyatholaimus gracilis (Eberth, 1863) Bastian, 1865
Black Sea for Daptonema longicaudatum (Filipjev, 1922) Timm, 1963
Black Sea for Daptonema oxycerca (de Man, 1888)
Black Sea for Desmodora pontica (Filipjev, 1922)
Black Sea for Desmoscolex tenuiseta Filipjev, 1922
Black Sea for Diplolaimella signifera (Paramonov, 1929)
Black Sea for Disconema alaima Filipjev, 1918
Black Sea for Draconema cephalatum (Cobb, 1913)
Black Sea for Draconema ponticum Filipjev, 1918
Black Sea for Eleutherolaimus longus Filipjev, 1922
Black Sea for Ethmolaimus multipapillatus Paramonov, 1926
Black Sea for Euchromadora striata (Eberth, 1863) de Man, 1886
Black Sea for Halichoanolaimus dolichurus Ssaweljev, 1912
Black Sea for Halichoanolaimus robustus (Bastian, 1865) de Man, 1886
Black Sea for Leptolaimus steineri (Filipjev, 1922) De Coninck, 1965
Black Sea for Linhomoeus ponticus Filipjev, 1922
Black Sea for Metachromadora cystoseirae Filipjev, 1918
Black Sea for Metachromadora macroutera Filipjev, 1918
Black Sea for Metalinhomoeus zosterae Filipjev, 1918
Black Sea for Monhystera ampullocauda Paramonov, 1926
Black Sea for Monhystera longicapitata Filipjev, 1922
Black Sea for Monhystera parelegantula De Coninck, 1943
Black Sea for Monhystera parva (Bastian, 1865)
Black Sea for Monhystera rotundicapitata Filipjev, 1922
Black Sea for Monoposthia costata (Bastian, 1865)
Black Sea for Neochromadora sabulicola (Filipjev, 1918)
Black Sea for Odontophora angustilaimus (Filipjev, 1918)
Black Sea for Onyx perfectus Cobb, 1891
Black Sea for Paracanthonchus caecus (Bastian, 1865) Micoletzky, 1924
Black Sea for Paracanthonchus filipjevi Micoletzky, 1924
Black Sea for Paralinhomoeus deconincki Groza-Rojancovski, 1972
Black Sea for Paralinhomoeus filiformis (Filipjev, 1918)
Black Sea for Paramonohystera elliptica (Filipjev, 1918)
Black Sea for Pomponema multipapillatum (Filipjev, 1922) Wieser, 1954
Black Sea for Prochromadora megodonta Filipjev, 1922
Black Sea for Prosphaerolaimus eurypharynx Filipjev, 1918
Black Sea for Punctodora ratzeburgensis (Linstow, 1876) Filipjev, 1929
Black Sea for Quadricoma eurycricus (Filipjev, 1922)
Black Sea for Quadricoma greeffii (Reinhard, 1881)
Black Sea for Quadricoma loricata Filipjev, 1922
Black Sea for Quadricoma steineri Filipjev, 1922
Black Sea for Quadricoma suecica (Allgén, 1930)
Black Sea for Quadricoma tenuis (Steiner, 1916)
Black Sea for Quadricoma trigintatres Timm, 1970
Black Sea for Sabatieria abyssalis (Filipjev, 1918)
Black Sea for Sabatieria longicaudata Filipjev, 1922
Black Sea for Sabatieria pulchra (Schneider, 1906)
Black Sea for Sphaerocephalum crassicauda Filipjev, 1918
Black Sea for Sphaerolaimus cuneatus Paramonov, 1929
Black Sea for Sphaerolaimus gracilis de Man, 1876
Black Sea for Sphaerolaimus macrocirculus Filipjev, 1918
Black Sea for Sphaerolaimus ostreae Filipjev, 1918
Black Sea for Spilophorella euxina Filipjev, 1918
Black Sea for Spilophorella paradoxa (de Man, 1888) Filipjev, 1917
Black Sea for Spirinia parasitifera (Bastian, 1865) Gerlach, 1963
Black Sea for Spirinia sabulicola Filipjev, 1918

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