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Flustrellidridae Bassler, 1953

110789  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:110789)

Genus Elzerina Lamouroux, 1816
Genus Flustrellidra Bassler, 1953
  » Subgenus Flustrellidra (Flustrellidrella) d'Hondt, 1983
  » Species Flustrellidra akkeshiensis Mawatari, 1971
  » Species Flustrellidra armata Grischenko, Seo & Min, 2010
  » Species Flustrellidra aspinosa (Mawatari, 1953)
  » Species Flustrellidra cervicornis (Robertson, 1900)
  » Species Flustrellidra corniculata (Smitt, 1872)
  » Species Flustrellidra filispina Mawatari, 1971
  » Species Flustrellidra gigantea (Silén, 1947)
  » Species Flustrellidra hispida (O. Fabricius, 1780)
  » Species Flustrellidra kurilensis (Mawatari, 1953)
  » Species Flustrellidra spinifera (O'Donoghue & O'Donoghue, 1923)
  » Species Flustrellidra stolonifera (Okada, 1921)
  » Species Flustrellidra vegae (Silén, 1947)
  » Species Flustrellidra filispinia Mawatari, 1971 accepted as Flustrellidra filispina Mawatari, 1971 (Lapsus calami)
  » Species Flustrellidra inarmata accepted as Haywardozoon inarmatum (Hayward, 1978)
  » Species Flustrellidra prouhoi d'Hondt, 1974 accepted as Flustrellidra (Flustrellidrella) prouhoi (d'Hondt, 1974)
Genus Neobockiella d'Hondt, 1983
Genus Neoflustrellidra d'Hondt, 1976

Genus Flustrella Gray, 1848 accepted as Flustrellidra Bassler, 1953
  » Species Flustrella corniculata accepted as Flustrellidra corniculata (Smitt, 1872)
  » Species Flustrella gigantea accepted as Flustrellidra gigantea (Silén, 1947)
  » Species Flustrella hispida (Fabricius, 1780) accepted as Flustrellidra hispida (O. Fabricius, 1780) (see http://www.civgeo.rmit.edu.au/bryozoa/genf.html)
Bock, P.; Gordon, D. (2018). World List of Bryozoa. Flustrellidridae Bassler, 1953. Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: http://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=110789 on 2018-03-23
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