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Thandar, A.S. (1998). A new genus and three new species of deep-sea holothuroids from the west coast of South Africa (Echinodermata). J. Zool., Lond. 244: 79 - 88.
One new genus and three new species of deep-sea holothuroids, taken by the South African Division of Sea Fisheries R.S. Africana II routine trawls, off the west coast of the Cape Peninsula in South Africa in 1959, are described. A new genus Psolidothuria, perhaps referable to the dactylochirotid family Vaneyellidae, is erected for the new species P. octodactyla. The remaining new species are Paracucumaria capense, in the dendrochirotid family Cucumariidae, and Laetmogone perplexa, in the elasipodid family Laetmogonidae. P. Capense was originally described as Trachythyone ?parve (Ludwig) by Thandar (1991). The diagnosis of the family Vaneyellidae is amended to accommodate the new genus.
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Holotype BM 1883.6.18.46, locality Australia, identified as Laetmogone violacea Théel, 1879