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Wu, Bao Ling, Sun, Rui Ping and Chen, Mu 1980. [Chinese] [On archiannelids of the Yellow Sea. I. Protodrilidae]. Acta Oceanologica Sinica 2(2): 132-148.
Wuaoing, B. L.; Sunuiing, R. P.; Chenu, M.
Chinese] [On archiannelids of the Yellow Sea
I. Protodrilidae]. Acta Oceanologica Sinica
2(2): 132-148
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb). Wrong pdf loads from the journal link (as at Jan 2014). See also: http://www.stmpapers.com/on-archiannelids-of-the-yellow-sea-%E2%85%A0-protodrilidae/
This paper presents the results of a study of the systematics and larval development of Archiannelids collected from the littoral zone of the Yellow Sea. Five species belonging to 3 families and 4 genera are identified. Of these,two are new species and two are recorded for the first time from Chinese waters. The Archiannelida are probably an artificial group uniting the Annelids of primitive structure. Most of them are meiobenthos. The Archiannelida form a heterogeneous group of annelids and should be considered as different families of polychaeta.
Yellow Sea
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Holotype IOAS No. A-45, verbatimGeounit Tsingtao [Qingdao], ..., identified as Protodrilus huanghaiensis Wu, Sun & Chen, 1980

Protodrilus huanghaiensis sp. nov.The worms live in rather coarse sand, at about half-level of the intertidal zone. ... [details]

 Type locality

Tsingtao [Qingdao], China Coast, Yellow Sea. Approx: 36.0572°, 120.3799° [details]