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Stimpson, William. (1856). Description of some new marine invertebrates. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. 7(10): 385-394.
Stimpson, William
Description of some new marine invertebrates.
Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
7(10): 385-394
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyD). There are no figures and the brief Annelida descriptions may be preliminary, but no later article was published (Stimpson's materials & MS are said to be destroyed by fire in 1871)
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Anonyx variegatus Stimpson, 1856 accepted as Phoxostoma variegatus (Stimpson, 1856) (original description)
Anthura catenula Stimpson, 1856 accepted as Mesanthura catenula (Stimpson, 1856) (original description)
Anthura laevigata Stimpson, 1856 accepted as Leptanthura laevigata (Stimpson, 1856) (original description)
Anthura polita Stimpson, 1856 accepted as Cyathura polita (Stimpson, 1856) (original description)
Anthura punctata Stimpson, 1856 accepted as Paranthura punctata (Stimpson, 1856) (original description)
Chaetopterus capensis Stimpson, 1856 (original description)
Chaetopterus luteus Stimpson, 1856 (original description)
Chiridota australiana Stimpson, 1855 accepted as Taeniogyrus australianus (Stimpson, 1855) (original description)
Cirratulus australis Stimpson, 1856 accepted as Cirriformia capensis (Schmarda, 1861) (original description)
Cirratulus australis Quatrefages, 1866 (original description)
Cirratulus australis Blanchard in Gay, 1849 accepted as Cirriformia filigera (Delle Chiaje, 1828) (original description)
Glycera kraussii Stimpson, 1856 accepted as Glycera unicornis Lamarck, 1818 (original description)
Lepidonote semitecta Stimpson, 1856 accepted as Lepidonotus semitectus (Stimpson, 1856) (original description)
Leucothoe affinis Stimpson, 1856 (original description)
Lysidice robusta Stimpson, 1856 accepted as Lysidice collaris Grube, 1870 (original description)
Nephthys longipes Stimpson, 1856 accepted as Nephtys longipes Stimpson, 1856 (original description)
Nereis mendax Stimpson, 1856 (original description)
Nereis operta Stimpson, 1856 represented as Nereis (Neanthes) operta (Stimpson, 1856) (original description)
Ophiothrix planulatus Stimpson, 1855 (original description)
Phoxostoma variegatus (Stimpson, 1856) (original description)
Siphonostoma laeve Stimpson, 1856 accepted as Pherusa laevis (Stimpson, 1856) (original description)
Synapta dolabrifera Stimpson, 1855 accepted as Leptosynapta dolabrifera (Stimpson, 1855) (original description)
Tecturella luctator Stimpson, 1856 accepted as Flabelligera affinis M. Sars, 1829 (original description)
Thyone buccalis Stimpson, 1855 accepted as Stolus buccalis (Stimpson, 1855) (original description)
Triopa lucida Stimpson, 1854 accepted as Limacia lucida (Stimpson, 1854) (original description)

This is the full description by Stimpson: "Small, rather slender, largest anteriorly, flattened posteriorly. Head ... [details]

 Editor's comment

No records apart from the original description. It seems likely that the type of Nereis mendax is lost as it is not ... [details]


Day (1967: 293) has a suggested (with a ?) synonymy for Nereis mendax to Pseudonereis variegata (Grube, 1857), a ... [details]

 Type locality

False Bay, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. A general geolocation for False Bay is 34.22 S, 18.64 E [details]