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Hartman, O. (1939). Polychaetous annelids. Part I. Aphroditidae to Pisionidae. Allan Hancock Pacific Expeditions. 7(1): 1-156.
Hartman, O.
Polychaetous annelids. Part I. Aphroditidae to Pisionidae
Allan Hancock Pacific Expeditions
7(1): 1-156
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
[Introduction starts as:]
The polychaetous annelids included in this report were collected largely by the Allan Hancock Pacific Expeditions to Lower California, western Mexico, western Central America, the Pacific side of Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Cocos and Galapagos islands, and southern California north to San Francisco. A few specimens, indicated with accession numbers, enumerated at the end of the station list, are in the collections of The University of Southern California, and were collected from southern California.
A station list follows, including only those stations of the Allan Hancock Pacific Expeditions which were represented in the families investigated in this report. Under each are listed the species collected, for the families herein considered. New species or new names are preceded by an asterisk.
East Pacific
Pacific Ocean
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Aphrodita armifera Moore, 1910 (identification resource)
Aphrodita cryptommata Essenberg, 1917 accepted as Aphrodita japonica Marenzeller, 1879 (source of synonymy)
Aphrodita falcifera Hartman, 1939 (original description)
Aphrodita japonica Marenzeller, 1879 (additional source)
Aphrodita refulgida Moore, 1910 (basis of record)
Aphrodita solitaria Essenberg, 1917 accepted as Aphrodita refulgida Moore, 1910 (source of synonymy)
Chaetacanthus magnificus (Grube, 1876) (source of synonymy)
Eulagisca panamensis Hartman, 1939 accepted as Pareulagisca panamensis (Hartman, 1939) (original description)
Eunoe senta (Moore, 1902) (additional source)
Eupompe australiensis McIntosh, 1885 accepted as Polyodontes australiensis (McIntosh, 1885) (source of synonymy)
Eusigalion Augener, 1918 accepted as Sigalion Audouin & Milne Edwards in Cuvier, 1830 (taxonomy source)
Eusigalion hancocki Hartman, 1939 accepted as Thalenessa lewisii (Berkeley & Berkeley, 1939) accepted as Sigalion lewisii Berkeley & Berkeley, 1939 (original description)
Eusigalion spinosum Hartman, 1939 accepted as Sigalion spinosus (Hartman, 1939) (original description)
Gattyana senta Moore, 1902 accepted as Eunoe senta (Moore, 1902) (source of synonymy)
Halosydna fuscomarmorata (Grube, 1876) (basis of record)
Halosydna glabra Hartman, 1939 (original description)
Halosydna johnsoni (Darboux, 1899) (status source)
Halosydna macrocephala Essenberg, 1917 accepted as Halosydna johnsoni (Darboux, 1899) (source of synonymy)
Halosydna parva Kinberg, 1856 (basis of record)
Hololepida veleronis Hartman, 1939 (original description)
Leanira fimbriarum Hartman, 1939 accepted as Sthenolepis fimbriarum (Hartman, 1939) (original description)
Lepidametria gigas (Johnson, 1897) accepted as Lepidasthenia gigas (Johnson, 1897) (source of synonymy)
Lepidametria virens (Blanchard in Gay, 1849) accepted as Lepidasthenia virens (Blanchard in Gay, 1849) (source of synonymy)
Lepidonotus johnstoni Kinberg, 1856 accepted as Thormora johnstoni (Kinberg, 1856) (source of synonymy)
Lepidonotus pomareae panamensis Hartman, 1939 accepted as Lepidonotus panamensis Hartman, 1939 (original description)
Panthalis aurorae (Grube, 1876) (source of synonymy)
Panthalis gracilis Kinberg, 1858 (source of synonymy)
Panthalis gracilis (Pflugfelder, 1932) accepted as Acoetes melanonota (Grube, 1876) (source of synonymy)
Panthalis grubei (Kinberg, 1855) accepted as Acoetes grubei (Kinberg, 1856) (source of synonymy)
Panthalis helleri Holly, 1934 accepted as Polyodontes atromarginatus Horst, 1917 (source of synonymy)
Panthalis mortenseni (Monro, 1928) accepted as Acoetes mortenseni (Monro, 1928) (source of synonymy)
Pareulepidae Hartman, 1939 accepted as Eulepethidae Chamberlin, 1919 (original description)
Pisionella Hartman, 1939 (original description)
Pisionella hancocki Hartman, 1939 (original description)
Pisionidae Ehlers, 1901 accepted as Sigalionidae Kinberg, 1856 (additional source)
Polynoe clavata Grube, 1856 accepted as Halosydna parva Kinberg, 1856 (source of synonymy)
Polynoe fuscomarmorata Grube, 1876 accepted as Halosydna fuscomarmorata (Grube, 1876) (source of synonymy)
Polynoe veleronis Hartman, 1939 (original description)
Polyodontes australiensis (McIntosh, 1885) (basis of record)
Polyodontes frons Hartman, 1939 (original description)
Pontogenia laeviseta Hartman, 1939 (original description)
Psammolyce antipoda anoculata Hartman, 1939 accepted as Pelogenia anoculata (Hartman, 1939) (original description)
Psammolyce fimbriata Hartman, 1939 accepted as Pelogenia fimbriata (Hartman, 1939) (original description)
Psammolyce myops Hartman, 1939 accepted as Pelogenia fimbriata (Hartman, 1939) (original description)
Psammolyce spinosa Hartman, 1939 accepted as Neopsammolyce spinosa (Hartman, 1939) (original description)
Sthenelais hancocki Hartman, 1939 accepted as Sthenelais tertiaglabra Moore, 1910 (original description)
Sthenelais maculata Hartman, 1939 accepted as Sthenelais helenae Kinberg, 1856 (original description)
Sthenelais neoleanirae Hartman, 1939 (original description)
Sthenelais variabilis colorata Hartman, 1939 (original description)
Sthenelais variabilis colorata Monro, 1924 accepted as Sthenelais colorata Monro, 1924 (original description)
Thormora johnstoni (Kinberg, 1856) (basis of record)
Holotype AHF, locality Panama, identified as Pontogenia laeviseta Hartman, 1939
Holotype AHF 1, locality Pacific Coast of Mexico, identified as Aphrodita falcifera Hartman, 1939

Formerly in Pisionidae. [details]


Pareulepidae is an unnecessary replacement name for Eulepethidae Chamberlin. Hartman placed Eulepethus Chamberlin, ... [details]

 Type locality

south Bay, Cedros Island, California, 28°4.75'N 115°21.08'W, 18-27 m  [details]

 Type locality

off Bahia Honda, Panama, Pacific Ocean, Velero Stn 863, 7º46'N 81º36´W, 54-91 m [details]