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NameGillespie, G. E. 1993. An updated list of the fishes of British Columbia, and those of interest in adjacent waters, with numeric code designations. Can. Tech. Rep. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 1918: 116 p.
Type Publication
British Columbia for Acantholiparis opercularis Gilbert & Burke, 1912
British Columbia for Acipenser medirostris Ayres, 1854
British Columbia for Acipenser transmontanus Richardson, 1836
British Columbia for Acrocheilus alutaceus Agassiz & Pickering, 1855
British Columbia for Agonomalus mozinoi Wilimovsky & Wilson, 1979
British Columbia for Agonopsis vulsa (Jordan & Gilbert, 1880)
British Columbia for Albatrossia pectoralis (Gilbert, 1892)
British Columbia for Alepisaurus ferox Lowe, 1833
British Columbia for Allocyttus folletti Myers, 1960
British Columbia for Allolumpenus hypochromus Hubbs & Schultz, 1932
British Columbia for Allosmerus elongatus (Ayres, 1854)
British Columbia for Alopias vulpinus (Bonnaterre, 1788)
British Columbia for Alosa sapidissima (Wilson, 1811)
British Columbia for Ameiurus melas (Rafinesque, 1820)
British Columbia for Ameiurus nebulosus (Lesueur, 1819)
British Columbia for Ammodytes hexapterus Pallas, 1814
British Columbia for Amphistichus rhodoterus (Agassiz, 1854)
British Columbia for Anarrhichthys ocellatus Ayres, 1855
British Columbia for Anoplagonus inermis (Günther, 1860)
British Columbia for Anoplarchus insignis Gilbert & Burke, 1912
British Columbia for Anoplarchus purpurescens Gill, 1861
British Columbia for Anoplopoma fimbria (Pallas, 1814)
British Columbia for Anotopterus pharao Zugmayer, 1911
British Columbia for Antimora microlepis Bean, 1890
British Columbia for Aphanopus carbo Lowe, 1839
British Columbia for Apodichthys flavidus Girard, 1854
British Columbia for Apodichthys fucorum Jordan & Gilbert, 1880
British Columbia for Apristurus brunneus (Gilbert, 1892)
British Columbia for Aptocyclus ventricosus (Pallas, 1769)
British Columbia for Argyropelecus sladeni Regan, 1908
British Columbia for Aristostomias scintillans (Gilbert, 1915)
British Columbia for Artedius fenestralis Jordan & Gilbert, 1883
British Columbia for Artedius harringtoni (Starks, 1896)
British Columbia for Artedius lateralis (Girard, 1854)
British Columbia for Ascelichthys rhodorus Jordan & Gilbert, 1880
British Columbia for Asemichthys taylori Gilbert, 1912
British Columbia for Atheresthes stomias (Jordan & Gilbert, 1880)
British Columbia for Atherinops affinis (Ayres, 1860)
British Columbia for Atractoscion nobilis (Ayres, 1860)
British Columbia for Aulorhynchus flavidus Gill, 1861
British Columbia for Avocettina infans (Günther, 1878)
British Columbia for Bathophilus flemingi Aron & McCrery, 1958
British Columbia for Bathyagonus alascanus (Gilbert, 1896)
British Columbia for Bathyagonus infraspinatus (Gilbert, 1904)
British Columbia for Bathyagonus nigripinnis Gilbert, 1890
British Columbia for Bathyagonus pentacanthus (Gilbert, 1890)
British Columbia for Bathylagus milleri Jordan & Gilbert, 1898
British Columbia for Bathylagus ochotensis Schmidt, 1938
British Columbia for Bathylagus pacificus Gilbert, 1890
British Columbia for Bathylagus schmidti (Rass, 1955)
British Columbia for Bathylagus stilbius (Gilbert, 1890)
British Columbia for Bathylychnops exilis Cohen, 1958
British Columbia for Bathymaster caeruleofasciatus Gilbert & Burke, 1912
British Columbia for Bathymaster signatus Cope, 1873
British Columbia for Bathyraja abyssicola (Gilbert, 1896)
British Columbia for Bathyraja interrupta (Gill & Townsend, 1897)
British Columbia for Bathyraja trachura (Gilbert, 1892)
British Columbia for Benthalbella dentata (Chapman, 1939)
British Columbia for Benthodesmus elongatus (Clarke, 1879)
British Columbia for Benthodesmus tenuis (Günther, 1877)
British Columbia for Blepsias bilobus Cuvier, 1829
British Columbia for Blepsias cirrhosus (Pallas, 1814)
British Columbia for Bothragonus swani (Steindachner, 1876)
British Columbia for Bothrocara brunneum (Bean, 1890)
British Columbia for Bothrocara molle Bean, 1890
British Columbia for Bothrocara pusillum (Bean, 1890)
British Columbia for Bothrocara remigerum Gilbert, 1915
British Columbia for Brachyistius frenatus Gill, 1862
British Columbia for Brama japonica Hilgendorf, 1878
British Columbia for Brosmophycis marginata (Ayres, 1854)
British Columbia for Bryozoichthys marjorius McPhail, 1970
British Columbia for Carassius auratus (Linnaeus, 1758)
British Columbia for Carcharodon carcharias (Linnaeus, 1758)
British Columbia for Careproctus gilberti Burke, 1912
British Columbia for Careproctus melanurus Gilbert, 1892
British Columbia for Careproctus oregonensis Stein, 1978
British Columbia for Careproctus ovigerum (Gilbert, 1896)
British Columbia for Caristius macropus (Bellotti, 1903)
British Columbia for Catostomus catostomus (Forster, 1773)
British Columbia for Catostomus columbianus (Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 1893)
British Columbia for Catostomus commersonii (Lacepède, 1803)
British Columbia for Catostomus macrocheilus Girard, 1856
British Columbia for Catostomus platyrhynchus (Cope, 1874)
British Columbia for Caulolatilus princeps (Jenyns, 1840)
British Columbia for Ceratoscopelus townsendi (Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 1889)
British Columbia for Cetorhinus maximus (Gunnerus, 1765)
British Columbia for Chaenophryne melanorhabdus Regan & Trewavas, 1932
British Columbia for Chauliodus macouni Bean, 1890
British Columbia for Chirolophis decoratus (Jordan & Snyder, 1902)
British Columbia for Chirolophis nugator (Jordan & Williams, 1895)
British Columbia for Chirolophis tarsodes (Jordan & Snyder, 1902)
British Columbia for Chitonotus pugetensis (Steindachner, 1876)
British Columbia for Citharichthys sordidus (Girard, 1854)
British Columbia for Citharichthys stigmaeus Jordan & Gilbert, 1882
British Columbia for Clevelandia ios (Jordan & Gilbert, 1882)
British Columbia for Clidoderma asperrimum (Temminck & Schlegel, 1846)
British Columbia for Clinocottus acuticeps (Gilbert, 1896)
British Columbia for Clinocottus embryum (Jordan & Starks, 1895)
British Columbia for Clinocottus globiceps (Girard, 1858)
British Columbia for Clupea pallasii Valenciennes, 1847

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