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Gould A. A. 1859. Descriptions of shells collected by the North Pacific Exploring Expedition. Proceedings of the Boston Society of Natural History 7: 161-166.
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Acmaea dorsuosa Gould, 1859 accepted as Lottia dorsuosa (Gould, 1859) (original description)
Antalis porcata (Gould, 1859) (original description)
Chiton (Leptochiton) comptus Gould, 1859 accepted as Ischnochiton (Haploplax) comptus (Gould, 1859) represented as Ischnochiton comptus (Gould, 1859) (original description)
Chiton lugubris Gould, 1859 accepted as Ischnochiton (Ischnoradsia) australis (G.B. Sowerby II, 1833) represented as Ischnochiton australis (G.B. Sowerby II, 1833) (original description)
Dentalium aciculum Gould, 1859 (original description)
Dentalium buccinulum Gould, 1859 (original description)
Dentalium clavatum Gould, 1859 accepted as Gadila clavata (Gould, 1859) (original description)
Dentalium intercalatum Gould, 1859 accepted as Paradentalium intercalatum (Gould, 1859) (original description)
Dentalium strigatum Gould, 1859 (additional source)
Emarginula radiata Gould, 1859 (original description)
Paradentalium hexagonum (Gould, 1859) (original description)
Patella grata Gould, 1859 accepted as Cellana grata (Gould, 1859) (original description)
Patella pallida Gould, 1859 accepted as Niveotectura pallida (Gould, 1859) (original description)
Philine vitrea Gould, 1859 (original description)
Rimula echinata Gould, 1859 (original description)
Scutellina scobinata Gould, 1859 accepted as Phenacolepas scobinata (Gould, 1859) (original description)
Scutellina unguiformis Gould, 1859 accepted as Phenacolepas unguiformis (Gould, 1859) (original description)