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World Register of marine Cave Species (WoRCS)

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WoRCS source details

Howson, C.M. (2001). Brachiopoda, in: Costello, M.J. et al. (Ed.) (2001). European register of marine species: a check-list of the marine species in Europe and a bibliography of guides to their identification. Collection Patrimoines Naturels, 50: pp. 334
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Argyrotheca Dall, 1900 (basis of record)
Argyrotheca cistellula (Wood, 1841) (basis of record)
Argyrotheca cuneata (Risso, 1826) (basis of record)
Craniata (basis of record)
Craniida (basis of record)
Craniidae Menke, 1828 (basis of record)
Craniiformea (basis of record)
Frieleiidae Cooper, 1959 (basis of record)
Gwynia King, 1859 (basis of record)
Gwynia capsula (Jeffreys, 1859) (basis of record)
Kraussinidae Dall, 1870 (basis of record)
Megathiris d'Orbigny, 1847 (basis of record)
Megathiris detruncata (Gmelin, 1791) (basis of record)
Megathyrididae Dall, 1870 (additional source)
Megerlia King, 1850 (basis of record)
Megerlia truncata (Linnaeus, 1767) (basis of record)
Rhynchonellata (basis of record)
Rhynchonellida (basis of record)
Rhynchonelliformea (basis of record)
Terebratulida (basis of record)
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