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Tattersall, W. M. (1911). Schizopodous Crustacea from the northeast Atlantic slope. Second supplement. Fisheries, Ireland, Sci. Invest. 1910. II: 1-77, plates I-VIII.
Tattersall, W. M.
Schizopodous Crustacea from the northeast Atlantic slope
Second supplement. Fisheries, Ireland, Sci. Invest. 1910
II: 1-77, plates I-VIII
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Amblyops abbreviatus (G.O. Sars, 1869) (redescription)
Amblyops kempi (Holt & Tattersall, 1905) (redescription)
Amblyops tenuicaudus W. Tattersall, 1911 (additional source)
Amblyops tenuicaudus W. Tattersall, 1911 (original description)
Bathymysis helgae W. Tattersall, 1907 (redescription)
Chunomysis diadema Holt & Tattersall, 1905 (redescription)
Dactylamblyops goniops W. Tattersall, 1907 (additional source)
Dactylamblyops thaumatops W. Tattersall, 1907 (redescription)
Dactylerythrops dactylops Holt & Tattersall, 1905 (redescription)
Dactylerythrops gracilura W. Tattersall, 1907 accepted as Dactylerythrops gracilurus W. Tattersall, 1907 accepted as Teratamblyops gracilurus (W. Tattersall, 1907) (redescription)
Erythrops abyssorum G.O. Sars, 1869 (redescription)
Erythrops erythrophthalma (Goës, 1864) accepted as Erythrops erythrophthalmus (Goës, 1864) (redescription)
Hansenomysis fyllae (Hansen, 1887) (redescription)
Hypererythrops serriventer Holt & Tattersall, 1905 (redescription)
Longithorax fuscus Hansen, 1908 (redescription)
Metamblyops oculata W. Tattersall, 1907 accepted as Metamblyops oculatus W. Tattersall, 1907 (redescription)
Michthyops Tattersall, 1911 (additional source)
Michthyops parva (Vanhöffen, 1897) accepted as Michthyops parvus (Vanhöffen, 1897) (redescription)
Paramblyops bidigitata W. Tattersall, 1911 accepted as Paramblyops bidigitatus W. Tattersall, 1911 (original description)
Paramblyops rostrata Holt & Tattersall, 1905 accepted as Paramblyops rostratus Holt & Tattersall, 1905 (redescription)
Pseudomma affine G.O. Sars, 1870 (redescription)
Pseudomma nanum Holt & Tattersall, 1906 (redescription)