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Conlan, K.E. (1990). Revision of the crustacean amphipod genus Jassa Leach (Corophioidea: Ischyroceridae). Canadian Journal of Zoology. 68: 2031-2075.
Conlan, K.E.
Revision of the crustacean amphipod genus Jassa Leach (Corophioidea: Ischyroceridae)
Canadian Journal of Zoology
68: 2031-2075
Ant'Phipoda Literature database
Available for editors  PDF available
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Jassa alonsoae Conlan, 1990 (original description)
Jassa fenwicki Conlan, 1990 (original description)
Jassa hartmannae Conlan, 1990 (original description)
Jassa justi Conlan, 1990 (original description)
Jassa thurstoni Conlan, 1990 (original description)
Auckland Islands for Jassa alonsoae Conlan, 1990 
Burdwood Bank for Jassa alonsoae Conlan, 1990 
Falkland Islands for Jassa alonsoae Conlan, 1990 
Kerguelen Islands for Jassa alonsoae Conlan, 1990 
Macquarie Island for Jassa alonsoae Conlan, 1990 
Macquarie Island for Jassa justi Conlan, 1990 
Magellanic region for Jassa alonsoae Conlan, 1990 
Magellanic region for Jassa justi Conlan, 1990 
Ross Sea for Jassa thurstoni Conlan, 1990 
Scotia Sea for Jassa thurstoni Conlan, 1990 
Snares Islands for Jassa alonsoae Conlan, 1990 
Snares Islands for Jassa fenwicki Conlan, 1990 
Snares Islands for Jassa hartmannae Conlan, 1990 
South Georgia for Jassa alonsoae Conlan, 1990 
South Georgia for Jassa fenwicki Conlan, 1990 
South Georgia for Jassa justi Conlan, 1990 
South Georgia for Jassa thurstoni Conlan, 1990 
South Orkney Island for Jassa ingens (Pfeffer, 1888) 
South Orkney Island for Jassa thurstoni Conlan, 1990 
Tristan da Cunha for Jassa alonsoae Conlan, 1990 

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