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Plakortis Schulze, 1880

131983  (

Plakortis simplex Schulze, 1880 (type by monotypy)
Placortis · unaccepted (misspelling)
Roosa de Laubenfels, 1934 · unaccepted (junior synonym)


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  1. Species Plakortis albicans Cruz-Barraza & Carballo, 2005
  2. Species Plakortis angulospiculatus (Carter, 1879)
  3. Species Plakortis badabaluensis Ubare & Mohan, 2016
  4. Species Plakortis bergquistae Muricy, 2011
  5. Species Plakortis clarionensis Cruz-Barraza, Vega & Carballo, 2014
  6. Species Plakortis communis Muricy, 2011
  7. Species Plakortis copiosa Pulitzer-Finali, 1993
  8. Species Plakortis dariae Ereskovsky, Lavrov & Willenz, 2014
  9. Species Plakortis deweerdtaephila Vicente, Zea & Hill, 2016
  10. Species Plakortis edwardsi Ereskovsky, Lavrov & Willenz, 2014
  11. Species Plakortis erythraena Lévi, 1958
  12. Species Plakortis fromontae Muricy, 2011
  13. Species Plakortis galapagensis Desqueyroux-Faúndez & van Soest, 1997
  14. Species Plakortis halichondrioides (Wilson, 1902)
  15. Species Plakortis hooperi Muricy, 2011
  16. Species Plakortis insularis Moraes & Muricy, 2003
  17. Species Plakortis japonica (Hoshino, 1977)
  18. Species Plakortis kenyensis Pulitzer-Finali, 1993
  19. Species Plakortis lita de Laubenfels, 1954
  20. Species Plakortis mesophotica Idan, Shefer, Feldstein & Ilan, 2021
  21. Species Plakortis microrhabdifera Moraes & Muricy, 2003
  22. Species Plakortis myrae Ereskovsky, Lavrov & Willenz, 2014
  23. Species Plakortis nigra Lévi, 1953
  24. Species Plakortis petrupaulensis Domingos, Moraes & Muricy, 2013
  25. Species Plakortis potiguarensis Domingos, Moraes & Muricy, 2013
  26. Species Plakortis pulvillus Samaai, Pillay & Janson, 2019
  27. Species Plakortis quasiamphiaster Díaz & van Soest, 1994
  28. Species Plakortis ruetzleri Lage, Muricy, Ruiz & Pérez, 2018
  29. Species Plakortis simplex Schulze, 1880
  30. Species Plakortis spinalis Domingos, Moraes & Muricy, 2013
  31. Species Plakortis symbiotica Vicente, Zea & Hill, 2016
  32. Species Plakortis zyggompha (de Laubenfels, 1934)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Schulze, F.E. (1880). Untersuchungen über den Bau und die Entwicklung der Spongien. Neunte Mittheilung. Die Plakiniden. <em>Zeitschrift für wissenschaftliche Zoologie.</em> 34(2): 407-451.
page(s): 449 [details]  OpenAccess publication 
de Voogd, N.J.; Alvarez, B.; Boury-Esnault, N.; Cárdenas, P.; Díaz, M.-C.; Dohrmann, M.; Downey, R.; Goodwin, C.; Hajdu, E.; Hooper, J.N.A.; Kelly, M.; Klautau, M.; Lim, S.C.; Manconi, R.; Morrow, C.; Pinheiro, U.; Pisera, A.B.; Ríos, P.; Rützler, K.; Schönberg, C.; Turner, T.; Vacelet, J.; van Soest, R.W.M.; Xavier, J. (2024). World Porifera Database. Plakortis Schulze, 1880. Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: on 2024-05-28
2004-12-21 15:54:05Z
2005-11-16 13:28:14Z
2006-09-04 18:27:42Z
2018-09-14 13:12:45Z
2020-12-17 10:11:20Z

Creative Commons License The webpage text is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License

original description Schulze, F.E. (1880). Untersuchungen über den Bau und die Entwicklung der Spongien. Neunte Mittheilung. Die Plakiniden. <em>Zeitschrift für wissenschaftliche Zoologie.</em> 34(2): 407-451.
page(s): 449 [details]  OpenAccess publication 

original description  (of Roosa de Laubenfels, 1934) Laubenfels, M.W. de. (1934). New sponges from the Puerto Rican deep. <em>Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections.</em> 91(17): 1-28.
page(s): 2 [details]  OpenAccess publication 

additional source Van Soest, R.W.M. (2001). Porifera, <b><i>in</i></b>: Costello, M.J. <i>et al.</i> (Ed.) (2001). <i>European register of marine species: a check-list of the marine species in Europe and a bibliography of guides to their identification</i>. <em>Collection Patrimoines Naturels.</em> 50: 85-103. (look up in IMIS[details]  OpenAccess publication 

additional source Borojevic, R.; Cabioch, L.; Lévi, C. (1968). Inventaire de la faune marine de Roscoff. Spongiaires. <em>Éditions de la Station Biologique de Roscoff.</em> pp. 1-44., available online at
page(s): 5 [details]  Available for editors  PDF available [request] 
 Present  Inaccurate  Introduced: alien  Containing type locality 
From editor or global species database
Grammatical gender The gender of Plakortis is uncertain. Schulze did not indicate its gender, nor is the gender obvious from the adjectival name of the type species. If we consult the Latin grammar dictionaries it is likely that the gender is feminine, as nouns of the third declension ending in '-is' usually are feminine. However, this rule has exceptions and we cannot exclude the possibiity that this compound genus name is masculine. [details]


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