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First record of Axinella venusta in the western Mediterranean

Added on 2024-04-23 10:30:35 by Cárdenas, Paco
Díaz, J.A.; Ordines, F.; Massutí, E. (2024) First record of the recently described Axinella venusta Idan, Shefer, Feldstein & Ilan, 2021 (Demospongiae: Axinellidae) in the western Mediterranean. Cahiers de Biologie Marine, (65) 87 - 91.
The sponge Axinella venusta Idan, Shefer, Feldstein & Ilan, 2021, recently described from the mesophotic zone off the coast of Israel (Levantine Sea), is recorded for second time from the western Mediterranean. Two specimens of A. venusta were collected at the summit of the Emile Baudot seamount, at the Mallorca channel (Balearic Islands). The specimens are described and the COI and 28S C1-C1 fragments sequenced. This record underlines the importance of seamounts as ecosystems of special interest for biodiversity research.


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