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Polychaeta source details

Benham, William B. (1927). Polychaeta [Terra Nova]. British Antarctic 'Terra Nova' Expedition Natural History Reports, Zoology. 7(2): 47-182, plates 1-6.
Benham, William B.
Polychaeta [Terra Nova]
British Antarctic 'Terra Nova' Expedition Natural History Reports, Zoology
7(2): 47-182, plates 1-6
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
Summary: The number of species in the present collection is 88; of these 54 species occur in the Ross Sea and McMurdo Sound, 33 in the waters round New Zealand (one of which, Phyllodoce madeirensis, is common to both areas), and 3 on the shore of South Trinidad in the Atlantic. There remain to be examined the representatives of the two families Tomopteridae and Alciopidae; of these pelagic worms a large number were collected, especially of the former. They are chiefly from the neighbourhood of Nelson, only a few individual Alciopids having been included in the Antarctic gatherings. I hope to give an account of these pelagic forms in a separate Report. It will be convenient to consider the Antarctic and the New Zealand species separately; in the following list the species from these two areas are distinguished by the letters A. and N.Z. respectively.
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Aotearia Benham, 1927 (original description)
Aotearia sulcaticeps Benham, 1927 (original description)
Apomatus lilliei Benham, 1927 (original description)
Aricia marginata var. macleani Benham, 1921 accepted as Scoloplos (Leodamas) marginatus mcleani (Benham, 1921) accepted as Leodamas marginatus (Ehlers, 1897) (additional source)
Chitinopomoides Benham, 1927 (original description)
Chitinopomoides wilsoni Benham, 1927 (original description)
Eulalia (Pterocirrus) hunteri Benham, 1921 accepted as Pterocirrus hunteri (Benham, 1921) (new combination reference)
Eurysyllis ehlersi Benham, 1927 (original description)
Exogone anomalochaeta Benham, 1921 (additional source)
Jasmineira scotti Benham, 1927 accepted as Jasmineira caeca Ehlers, 1913 (original description)
Lepidasthenia antipathicola Benham, 1927 accepted as Benhamipolynoe antipathicola (Benham, 1927) (original description)
Melinnoides Benham, 1927 (original description)
Melinnoides nelsoni Benham, 1927 (original description)
Nemidia regalis Benham, 1927 accepted as Polynoe regalis (Benham, 1927) (original description)
Nicolea symbranchiata Ehlers, 1913 accepted as Pista corrientis McIntosh, 1885 (source of synonymy)
Paramarphysa parvipes Benham, 1927 accepted as Nicidion parvipes (Benham, 1927) (original description)
Phyllodoce adarensis Benham, 1927 (original description)
Phyllodoce bowersi Benham, 1927 accepted as Paranaitis bowersi (Benham, 1927) (original description)
Pista corrientis McIntosh, 1885 (source of synonymy)
Pista godfroyi (Gravier, 1911) (additional source)
Pista mirabilis McIntosh, 1885 (additional source)
Pomatoceros terraenovae Benham, 1927 accepted as Spirobranchus taeniatus (Lamarck, 1818) (original description)
Sabella argus accepted as Branchiomma argus (Sars, 1862) (additional source)
Sabella oatesiana Benham, 1927 accepted as Bispira oatesiana (Benham, 1927) (original description)
Travisia olens novaezealandiae Benham, 1927 accepted as Travisia novaezealandiae Benham, 1927 (original description)
Trypanosyllis gigantea (McIntosh, 1885) accepted as Trypanedenta gigantea (McIntosh, 1885) (additional source)
Vermilia producta Benham, 1927 accepted as Vermiliopsis producta (Benham, 1927) (original description)
Vermilia sphaeropomatus Benham, 1927 accepted as Neovermilia sphaeropomata (Benham, 1927) (original description)
Zopyrus maoricus Benham, 1927 accepted as Serpula maorica (Benham, 1927) (original description)
Adare, Cape for Pista mirabilis McIntosh, 1885 
McMurdo Sound for Pista godfroyi (Gravier, 1911) 
McMurdo Sound for Pista godfroyi (Gravier, 1911) 
McMurdo Sound for Pista godfroyi (Gravier, 1911) 
McMurdo Sound for Pista godfroyi (Gravier, 1911) 
McMurdo Sound for Pista mirabilis McIntosh, 1885 
McMurdo Sound for Pista mirabilis McIntosh, 1885 
McMurdo Sound for Pista mirabilis McIntosh, 1885 
McMurdo Sound for Pista mirabilis McIntosh, 1885 
New Zealand part of the Tasman Sea for Aotearia sulcaticeps Benham, 1927 
Ross Sea for Pista mirabilis McIntosh, 1885 
Syntype NHMUK 1928.2.29.1, geounit New Zealand part of the Tasman Sea, identified as Aotearia sulcaticeps Benham, 1927
Syntype NHMUK 1928.2.29.55-58, geounit Brazilian Exclusive Economic Zone (Trindade), identified as Pomatoceros terraenovae Benham, 1927

Benham erected Aotearia in his subfamily nov, Aotearinae, within Eunicidae, in which he also had subfamily ... [details]


The original description begins as follows: "Operculum with thin convex calcareous plate on the end of a winged ... [details]

 Editor's comment

There is no such name as "Sabella argus", and the few usages of it are mistakes by authors. It originated in a ... [details]


Benham footnote "'Aotea' White cloud; the original name bestowed on New Zealand by the first Maori arrivals from ... [details]


Not stated, but evidently named by Benham after the expedition vessel, Terra Nova, of Scott's Antarctic expedition, 1910 [details]


Spelling in WoRMS corrected [May 2015] from "Aeotearia" [data entry error] to Aotearia. [details]


Benham (1927) presented the name as Pomatoceros terrae novae, but the two-word species-group name "terrae novae" ... [details]


Erected for A. sulcaticeps, this genus was said by Orensanz (1990) to be a senior synonym of Lumbrineriopsis ... [details]


Moved to different genus. [details]

 Type locality

7 miles off Cape Maria Van Diemen, estimated as -34.4733, 172.4487 [details]

 Type locality

Recorded as "South Trinidad", nowadays Trindade, in the tropical Atlantic 20 deg S off Brazil, gazetteer ... [details]

 Type locality

New Zealand unspecified. Benham (1927) had 32 specimens, one from Terra Nova Expedition, northern New Zealand ... [details]

 Type locality

Northern North Island, New Zealand, stations 90 and 96, off 3 Kings Islands and North Cape respectively [details]