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Rouse, G. W.; Pleijel, F. (2001). Polychaetes. Oxford University Press: Oxford, UK [etc.]. ISBN 0-19-850608-2. 354 pp.
Rouse, G. W.; Pleijel, F.
Oxford University Press: Oxford, UK [etc.]. ISBN 0-19-850608-2
354 pp
Kristian Fauchald's Polychaeta DB
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Polychaeta (additional source)
English sea mouse/mice for Aphroditidae Malmgren, 1867

Authority corrected to Ehlers (1901). Rouse & Pleijel (2001:84) pointed out that Southern (1914) is not the author, ... [details]


As noted by Rouse & Pleijel (2001) the author of the first usage as a family should be Kinberg (1856), not Malmgren ... [details]


Alciopa (type genus) and related holoplanktonic genera are thought to be part of Phyllodocidae, currently at tribe ... [details]


There is a taxonomic debate about the systematic position of Calamyzas amphictenicola. It is a parasite that ... [details]


Calamyzas amphictenicola is a parasite that was originally placed as a syllid or later as Calamyzinae subfamily in ... [details]


Myzostomida have apparent morphological affinities to Polychaeta, and have been treated as a group within ... [details]


Suborder Phyllodocida incertae sedis is by definition an artificial cluster of families of no significance in ... [details]

 for Polychaeta

Several minor orders presented in Fauchald (1977)are now regarded as superfluous. All orders so tagged do not have ... [details]


includes former separated families Peisidicidae (aka Pholoididae) as a synonym, and families Pisionidae and ... [details]


Most Myzostomida are free-living associates of crinoid echinoderms. Some are encysted by the host in galls, some ... [details]

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Tracking entry for searches for "Alciopidae". Alciopidae has been down-ranked to the tribe Alciopini in Eteoninae ... [details]

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A Triassic fossil invariably described as "the dubious Archarenicola" (eg Rouse & Pleijel 2001: 15). If correctly ... [details]


Rouse & Pleijel (2001:74) use McIntosh's (1885) plate X of Polynoe iphionoides, but misspell the epithet twice. The ... [details]


Monotypic family. Rouse and Pleijel (2001:116) do not perpetuate the family name Ichthyotomidae, pointing out that ... [details]


Sars (1862) placed his genus Oniscosoma as a synonym of Spinther. He also stated that Cryptonota Stimpson was the ... [details]


Systematic position of Calamyzidae Hartmann-Schröder, 1971 (currently in Syllidae) is uncertain. [details]