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Zheng, S. Y. (1980). The Recent Foraminifera of the Zhongsha Islands, Guangdong Province, China. 1. Studia Marina Sinica. 16: 143-182.
Zheng, S. Y.
The Recent Foraminifera of the Zhongsha Islands, Guangdong Province, China. 1.
Studia Marina Sinica
16: 143-182
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Astacolus pseudoplanulata Zheng, 1980 accepted as Astacolus pseudoplanulatus Zheng, 1980 accepted as Vaginulinopsis pseudoplanulata (Zheng, 1980) (original description)
Bolivinella basicostata Zheng, 1980 accepted as Punctobolivinella philippinensis (McCulloch, 1977) (original description)
Cibicidina minuta Zheng, 1980 (original description)
Elphidium parvum Zheng, 1980 (original description)
Globulina trigona Zheng, 1980 (original description)
Laterostomella spinosa Zheng, 1980 (original description)
Lenticulina incavata Zheng, 1980 (original description)
Lenticulina platyrhinos Zheng, 1980 (original description)
Lingulinopsis basicostata Zheng, 1980 (original description)
Lingulinopsis folium Zheng, 1980 (original description)
Miliola inflata Zheng, 1980 (original description)
Miliolinella pseudooblonga Zheng, 1980 accepted as Triloculinella pseudooblonga (Zheng, 1980) (original description)
Morulaeplecta inflata Zheng, 1980 (original description)
Nodophthalmidium zhongshaensis Zheng, 1980 accepted as Nodophthalmidium zhongshaense Zheng, 1980 (original description)
Pseudopatellina Zheng, 1980 accepted as Ashbrookia McCulloch, 1977 (original description)
Pseudopatellina compressa Zheng, 1980 accepted as Ashbrookia compressa (Zheng, 1980) accepted as Ashbrookia ornata McCulloch, 1977 (original description)
Pyrgo spinidorsa Zheng, 1980 (original description)
Rectobolivina aculeata Zheng, 1980 (original description)
Rectobolivina laevis Zheng, 1980 (original description)
Reussella costulata Zheng, 1980 (original description)
Reussella spinosa Zheng, 1980 (original description)
Spirillina mediospinosa Zheng, 1980 (original description)
Textularia tubulosa Zheng, 1980 accepted as Spirotextularia tubulosa (Zheng, 1980) (original description)
Macclesfield Bank for Astacolus pseudoplanulata Zheng, 1980 
Macclesfield Bank for Bolivinella basicostata Zheng, 1980 
Macclesfield Bank for Cibicidina minuta Zheng, 1980 
Macclesfield Bank for Elphidium parvum Zheng, 1980 
Macclesfield Bank for Globulina trigona Zheng, 1980 
Macclesfield Bank for Laterostomella spinosa Zheng, 1980 
Macclesfield Bank for Lenticulina incavata Zheng, 1980 
Macclesfield Bank for Lenticulina platyrhinos Zheng, 1980 
Macclesfield Bank for Lingulinopsis basicostata Zheng, 1980 
Macclesfield Bank for Lingulinopsis folium Zheng, 1980 
Macclesfield Bank for Miliola inflata Zheng, 1980 
Macclesfield Bank for Miliolinella pseudooblonga Zheng, 1980 
Macclesfield Bank for Morulaeplecta inflata Zheng, 1980 
Macclesfield Bank for Nodophthalmidium zhongshaensis Zheng, 1980 
Macclesfield Bank for Pseudopatellina Zheng, 1980 
Macclesfield Bank for Pseudopatellina compressa Zheng, 1980 
Macclesfield Bank for Pyrgo spinidorsa Zheng, 1980 
Macclesfield Bank for Rectobolivina aculeata Zheng, 1980 
Macclesfield Bank for Rectobolivina laevis Zheng, 1980 
Macclesfield Bank for Reussella costulata Zheng, 1980 
Macclesfield Bank for Reussella spinosa Zheng, 1980 
Macclesfield Bank for Spirillina mediospinosa Zheng, 1980 
Macclesfield Bank for Textularia tubulosa Zheng, 1980