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Hoare, R. D.; Sturgeon, M. T. (1994). Small fusulinids from the Pennsylvanian of Ohio. Journal of Paleontology, Memoir. 38(68): 1-21.
Hoare, R. D.; Sturgeon, M. T.
Small fusulinids from the Pennsylvanian of Ohio
Journal of Paleontology, Memoir
38(68): 1-21
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Small fusulinids are common in the Atokan and most Desmoinesian marine units in Ohio but less common in Missourian and Virgilian units. Twenty-one taxa are recognized. Five new species are proposed, including Millerella? elegantula, Eostaffella? recondita, Eostaffella inusitata, Pseudostaffella douglassi, and Pseudoendothyra ohioensis. Several specimens of uncertain taxonomic assignment are also included. Approximately one-third of the previously recognized taxa were originally described from Europe and about one-half from western North America. Millerella? carbonica Grozdilova and Lebedeva, Eostaffella rjasanensis Rauzer-Chernousova, E. mutabilis Rauzer-Chernousova, and E. acuta Grozdilova and Lebedeva are reported from North America for the first time. The known ranges of several species have been extended significantly. These conclusions support the concept of a greater cosmopolitanism of Pennsylvanian foraminifers than has been generally recognized.
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