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Stewart, W. J. (1958). Some fusulinids from the upper Strawn, Pennsylvanian, of Texas. Journal of Paleontology. 32(6): 1051-1070.
Stewart, W. J.
Some fusulinids from the upper Strawn, Pennsylvanian, of Texas
Journal of Paleontology
32(6): 1051-1070
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The new genera and species Plectofusulina franklinensis and Frumentella exempla with the new species Fusulina vintonensis are described from the upper Magdalena formation in the Franklin Mountains, El Paso County, Texas. The new species Paramillerella dogbendensis, Fusiella texana, Fusulina whitakeri, F. brazosensis, F. valida, F. bellatula, F. gordonensis and F. cappsensis are from the Capps, East Mountain Shale, and Garner formations of the upper Strawn exposed along the Colorado and Brazos river drainage areas of Palo Pinto, Eastland and Brown Counties, Texas. The new species Fusiella texana was found stratigraphically higher than the most advanced forms of Fusulina and is the first true recognition of this genus in America. These fusulinids occur above the recognized zone of Wedekindellina and below the zone of Triticites in Texas and are considered to be upper Strawn.
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