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Pierce, R. L. (1956). Upper Miocene foraminifera and fish from Los Angeles area, California. Journal of Paleontology. 30: 1288-1314.
Pierce, R. L.
Upper Miocene foraminifera and fish from Los Angeles area, California
Journal of Paleontology
30: 1288-1314
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The frequency distribution of 88 species of Mohnian Foraminifera and 11 families of Mohnian fishes is covered in this study from Benedict Canyon, eastern Santa Monica Mountains (parts of sec. 27 and 34, T. 1 N., R. 15 W., Van Nuys quadrangle, Los Angeles County, Calif.). Of these Foraminifera, seven are new species and three are new varieties. A stratigraphic thickness of some 2,240 feet, consisting of northward-dipping siliceous shales, massive sandstones, cherty shale and punky diatomaceous shale (older to younger rocks, respectively), is exposed at this locality. The bedding planes of 140 samples were examined for fish scales, fish skeletons and Foraminifera, and later were washed to obtain material for the frequency study of Mohnian Foraminifera. It is demonstrated that these Mohnian sediments subdivided, locally, by the use of either Foraminifera or fish scales, into three easily recognized zones: the lower zone, Bulimina uvigerinaformis-Etringus scintillans zone; the middle zone, Bolivina benedictensis-X yne grex zone; the upper zone, Bolivina granti-Lampanyctus bolini zone. Some of the other striking results are: the Modelo formation at this locality was probably deposited within the bathyal zone; the fish remains aid in a better evaluation of the ecology of the Mohnian Foraminifera in the Benedict Canyon section; and a new systematics for the description of fossil fish scales is proposed.
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