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Cushman, J. A. (1933). Some new Recent Foraminifera from the tropical Pacific. Contributions from the Cushman laboratory for foraminiferal research. 9(4): 77-95.
Cushman, J. A.
Some new Recent Foraminifera from the tropical Pacific.
Contributions from the Cushman laboratory for foraminiferal research
9(4): 77-95
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Bolivina capitata Cushman, 1933 (original description)
Bolivina globulosa Cushman, 1933 accepted as Streptochilus globulosum (Cushman, 1933) (original description)
Bolivina oceanica Cushman, 1933 (original description)
Bolivina pseudopygmaea Cushman, 1933 (original description)
Bolivina vadescens Cushman, 1933 (original description)
Bolivinita subangularis var. lineata Cushman, 1933 accepted as Bolivina subangularis subsp. lineata (Cushman, 1933) (original description)
Bulimina fijiensis Cushman, 1933 (original description)
Buliminella milletti Cushman, 1933 accepted as Elongobula milletti (Cushman, 1933) (original description)
Cassidulina angulosa Cushman, 1933 accepted as Paracassidulina angulosa (Cushman, 1933) (original description)
Cassidulina costatula Cushman, 1933 (original description)
Cassidulina minuta Cushman, 1933 accepted as Globocassidulina minuta (Cushman, 1933) accepted as Paracassidulina minuta (Cushman, 1933) (original description)
Cassidulina patula Cushman, 1933 (original description)
Cassidulina rarilocula Cushman, 1933 (original description)
Cassidulina subtumida Cushman, 1933 (original description)
Conicospirillina coronata Cushman, 1933 (original description)
Conicospirillina semiinvoluta Cushman, 1933 (original description)
Conicospirillina trochoidea Cushman, 1933 (original description)
Discorbis crustata Cushman, 1933 accepted as Neoconorbina crustata (Cushman, 1933) (original description)
Discorbis frustata Cushman, 1933 accepted as Neoconorbina frustata (Cushman, 1933) (original description)
Discorbis micens Cushman, 1933 accepted as Rosalina micens (Cushman, 1933) (original description)
Discorbis opima Cushman, 1933 accepted as Rosalina opima (Cushman, 1933) (original description)
Ehrenbergina albatrossi Cushman, 1933 (original description)
Ehrenbergina reticulata Cushman, 1933 (original description)
Eponides fijiana Cushman, 1933 accepted as Globorotalia fijiana (Cushman, 1933) (original description)
Eponides terebra Cushman, 1933 accepted as Paumotua terebra (Cushman, 1930) (original description)
Hopkinsina pacifica Cushman, 1933 (original description)
Loxostoma rostrum Cushman, 1933 accepted as Loxostomina rostrum (Cushman, 1933) (original description)
Mimosina pacifica Cushman, 1933 (original description)
Nodogenerina milletti Cushman, 1933 accepted as Uvigerina milletti (Cushman, 1933) (original description)
Patellina advena var. altiformis Cushman, 1933 accepted as Patellina altiformis Cushman, 1933 (original description)
Patellinella fijiana Cushman, 1933 (original description)
Pulvinulinella pulchra Cushman, 1933 accepted as Facetocochlea pulchra (Cushman, 1933) (original description)
Pulvinulinella umbonifera Cushman, 1933 accepted as Nuttallides umbonifer (Cushman, 1933) (original description)
Trimosina orientalis Cushman, 1933 (original description)
Uvigerina proboscidea var. vadescens Cushman, 1933 accepted as Neouvigerina proboscidea (Schwager, 1866) accepted as Siphouvigerina proboscidea (Schwager, 1866) (original description)
Cook Islands Exclusive Economic Zone for Ehrenbergina reticulata Cushman, 1933 
Fiji Islands for Discorbis crustata Cushman, 1933 
Fiji Islands for Discorbis frustata Cushman, 1933 
Fiji Islands for Discorbis opima Cushman, 1933 
Fiji Islands for Eponides fijiana Cushman, 1933 
Fiji Islands for Globorotalia fijiana (Cushman, 1933) 
Fiji Islands for Patellina advena var. altiformis Cushman, 1933 
Fiji Islands for Patellinella fijiana Cushman, 1933 
Fiji Islands for Pulvinulinella pulchra Cushman, 1933 
Marshall Islands for Cassidulina angulosa Cushman, 1933 
Tuamotu Islands for Cassidulina costatula Cushman, 1933 
Tuamotu Islands for Cassidulina minuta Cushman, 1933 
Tuamotu Islands for Cassidulina patula Cushman, 1933 
Tuamotu Islands for Cassidulina rarilocula Cushman, 1933 
Tuamotu Islands for Cassidulina subtumida Cushman, 1933 
Tuamotu Islands for Discorbis micens Cushman, 1933 
Tuamotu Islands for Ehrenbergina albatrossi Cushman, 1933 
Tuamotu Islands for Eponides terebra Cushman, 1933 
Tuamotu Islands for Pulvinulinella umbonifera Cushman, 1933