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Barker, R. W. (1960). Taxonomic notes on the species figured by H.B. Brady in his report of the foraminifera dredged by HMS Challenger during the years 1873-1876. SEPM Special Publication. 9: 1-238.
10.2110/pec.60.01 [view]
Barker, R. W.
Taxonomic notes on the species figured by H.B. Brady in his report of the foraminifera dredged by HMS Challenger during the years 1873-1876
SEPM Special Publication
9: 1-238
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Alveolophragmium scitulum (Brady, 1881) accepted as Veleroninoides scitulus (Brady, 1881) (new combination reference)
Cibicides praecinctus (Karrer, 1868) accepted as Heterolepa praecincta (Karrer, 1868) (new combination reference)
Cystammina pauciloculata (Brady, 1879) (new combination reference)
Epistominella exigua (Brady, 1884) (new combination reference)
Eponides tumidulus (Brady, 1884) accepted as Ioanella tumidula (Brady, 1884) (new combination reference)
Fissurina wiesneri Barker, 1960 accepted as Pseudosolenina wiesneri (Barker, 1960) (original description)
Frondicularia kiensis Barker, 1960 accepted as Pseudolingulina kiensis (Barker, 1960) (original description)
Karreriella bradyi (Cushman, 1911) (new combination reference)
Karreriella novangliae (Cushman, 1922) (new combination reference)
Lenticulina peregrina (Schwager, 1866) accepted as Neolenticulina peregrina (Schwager, 1866) accepted as Neolenticulina variabilis (Reuss, 1850) (new combination reference)
Loxostomum limbatum (Brady, 1881) accepted as Loxostomina limbata (Brady, 1881) (new combination reference)
Loxostomum porrectum (Brady, 1881) accepted as Loxostomina porrecta (Brady, 1881) accepted as Parabrizalina porrecta (Brady, 1881) (new combination reference)
Marginulina obesa Cushman, 1923 (new combination reference)
Oolina hexagona (Williamson, 1848) accepted as Favulina hexagona (Williamson, 1848) (new combination reference)
Osangularia bengalensis (Schwager, 1866) (new combination reference)
Parafrondicularia advena (Cushman, 1923) † accepted as Mucronina advena (Cushman, 1923) † accepted as Mucronina compressa (Costa, 1855) † (new combination reference)
Pileolina opercularis (d'Orbigny, 1839) accepted as Planoglabratella opercularis (d'Orbigny, 1839) (new combination reference)
Planularia gemmata (Brady, 1881) (new combination reference)
Pyrgo comata (Brady, 1881) (new combination reference)
Pyrgo serrata (Bailey, 1861) (new combination reference)
Rectoglandulina comatula (Cushman, 1923) accepted as Pyramidulina comatula (Cushman, 1923) (new combination reference)
Robulus atlanticus Barker, 1960 accepted as Lenticulina atlantica (Barker, 1960) (original description)
Rosalina bradyi (Cushman, 1915) (new combination reference)
Sigmavirgulina tortuosa subsp. atlantica (Cushman, 1936) accepted as Sigmavirgulina tortuosa (Brady, 1881) (new combination reference)
Siphotextularia concava (Karrer, 1868) (new combination reference)
Spiroloculina bradyi Barker, 1960 (original description)
Spiroplectella earlandi Barker, 1960 accepted as Duquepsammia earlandi (Barker, 1960) (original description)
Stilostomella consobrina (d'Orbigny, 1846) † accepted as Siphonodosaria consobrina (d'Orbigny, 1846) † (new combination reference)