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Onychocamptus Daday, 1903

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Onychocamptus heteropus Daday, 1903 (type by original designation)
Species Onychocamptus anomalus (Ranga Reddy, 1984)
Species Onychocamptus armiger (Gurney, 1927) accepted as Echinolaophonte armiger (Gurney, 1927) represented as Echinolaophonte armiger armiger (Gurney, 1927)
Species Onychocamptus bengalensis (Sewell, 1934)
Species Onychocamptus besnardi Jakobi, 1954
Species Onychocamptus chathamensis (Sars G.O., 1905) accepted as Folioquinpes chathamensis (Sars G.O., 1904)
Species Onychocamptus fratrisaustralis Gómez, 2001
Species Onychocamptus gladiator Vervoort, 1964 accepted as Echinolaophonte gladiator (Vervoort, 1964)
Species Onychocamptus heteropus Daday, 1903
Species Onychocamptus horridus (Norman, 1876) accepted as Echinolaophonte horrida (Norman, 1876)
Species Onychocamptus kliei (Monard, 1935) accepted as Klieonychocamptus kliei (Monard, 1935) represented as Klieonychocamptus kliei kliei (Monard, 1935)
Species Onychocamptus krusensterni Schizas & Shirley, 1994
Species Onychocamptus mohammed (Blanchard & Richard, 1891)
Species Onychocamptus ponticus Serban & Plesa, 1957 accepted as Klieonychocamptus ponticus (Serban & Plesa, 1957)
Species Onychocamptus satunensis Boonyanusith, Saetang, Wongkamheng & Maiphae, 2018
Species Onychocamptus taifensis Kikuchi Y., Dai & Itô Tat, 1993
Species Onychocamptus talipes (Wilson C.B., 1932) accepted as Onychocamptus mohammed (Blanchard & Richard, 1891) (Fiers (1998) argues that Laophonte (= Onychocamptus) latipes is a juvenile stage of O. mohammed)
Species Onychocamptus tratensis Boonyanusith, Saetang, Wongkamheng & Maiphae, 2018
Species Onychocamptus vitiospinulosa (Shen & Tai, 1963)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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