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Camposcia retusa (Latreille, 1829)

208891  (

Not documented
ChaRMS (2021). Camposcia retusa (Latreille, 1829). Accessed at: on 2021-11-27
Xu, K., An, J., Ding, L., Dong, D., Gao, Y., Huang, Y., Jiang, W., Lei, Y., Li, K., Li, X., Li, Y., Liang, X., Lin, G., Lin, M., Liu, H., Liu, J., Liu, W., Liu, X., Lu, D., Ma, Z., Ren, X., Sha, Z., Sun, J., Sun, S., Sun, Z., Tian, L., Wang, D., Wang, J., Wu, X., Xia, B., Xiao, N., Yin, J., Zhang, J., Zhang, S., Zhang, X., Zhao, E., Zheng, X., Zhou, H., Zhou, J. & Zhou, K. (2021). Chinese Register of Marine Species. Camposcia retusa (Latreille, 1829). Accessed at: on 2021-11-27
1997-04-16 06:07:12Z
2000-03-10 09:20:05Z
2010-02-25 14:41:38Z
2010-02-25 16:05:29Z

context source (HKRMS) Dudgeon, D. (1982). Some inter-and intraspecific differences in the decorating patterns of majid crabs (Malacostraca: Decapoda) from the coastal waters of Hong Kong. <em>In: Morton B, editor. Proceedings of the first international marine biological workshop: The marine flora and fauna of Hong Kong and southern China . Hong Kong University Press, Hong Kong.</em> 2: 825-835. [details]   

basis of record Barnard, K.H. (1950). Descriptive catalogue of South African decapod Crustacea (crabs and shrimps). <em>Annals of the South African Museum.</em> 38: 1-837. (look up in IMIS[details]  Available for editors  PDF available 

additional source Liu, J.Y. [Ruiyu] (ed.). (2008). Checklist of marine biota of China seas. <em>China Science Press.</em> 1267 pp. (look up in IMIS[details]  Available for editors  PDF available 
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