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Huber, M. (2010). Compendium of bivalves. A full-color guide to 3,300 of the world's marine bivalves. A status on Bivalvia after 250 years of research. Hackenheim: ConchBooks. 901 pp., 1 CD-ROM.
Huber, M.
<i>Compendium of bivalves. A full-color guide to 3,300 of the world's marine bivalves. A status on Bivalvia after 250 years of research</i>. Hackenheim: ConchBooks. 901 pp., 1 CD-ROM.
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Abra fujitai Habe, 1958 (basis of record)
Abra inanis Prashad, 1932 (basis of record)
Abra kurodai Habe, 1961 accepted as Abra fujitai Habe, 1958 (basis of record)
Abra lunella (A. Gould, 1861) (basis of record)
Abra philippinensis (E. A. Smith, 1885) (basis of record)
Abra profundorum (E. A. Smith, 1885) (additional source)
Abra profundorum japonicum Okutani, 1975 accepted as Abra profundorum (E. A. Smith, 1885) (basis of record)
Abra sibogai Prashad, 1932 (basis of record)
Abrina Habe, 1952 accepted as Abra Lamarck, 1818 (additional source)
Acar congenita (E. A. Smith, 1885) (basis of record)
Acharax Dall, 1908 (basis of record)
Acharax johnsoni (Dall, 1891) (basis of record)
Acila H. Adams & A. Adams, 1858 (basis of record)
Acila divaricata (Hinds, 1843) (basis of record)
Acila fultoni (E. A. Smith, 1892) (basis of record)
Acila mirabilis (A. Adams & Reeve, 1850) (basis of record)
Acreuciroa Thiele, 1931 accepted as Euciroa Dall, 1881 (source of synonymy)
Acutispinula Filatova & Schileyko, 1984 accepted as Bathyspinula Allen & H. L. Sanders, 1982 (basis of record)
Alectryonella plicatula (Gmelin, 1791) (additional source)
Allogramma oahuense (Dall, 1913) (basis of record)
Alveinus ojianus (Yokoyama, 1927) (basis of record)
Amphichama argentata (Kuroda & Habe, 1958) (basis of record)
Amygdalum peasei (Newcomb, 1870) (basis of record)
Amygdalum soyoae Habe, 1958 (basis of record)
Amygdalum watsoni (E. A. Smith, 1885) (basis of record)
Anadara antiquata (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Anadara broughtonii (Schrenck, 1867) (basis of record)
Anadara consociata (E. A. Smith, 1885) (basis of record)
Anadara cornea (Reeve, 1844) (basis of record)
Anadara crebricostata (Reeve, 1844) (basis of record)
Anadara ferruginea (Reeve, 1844) (basis of record)
Anadara guangdongensis (F. R. Bernard, Cai & B. Morton, 1993) (basis of record)
Anadara inaequivalvis (Bruguière, 1789) (additional source)
Anadara pilula (Reeve, 1843) (basis of record)
Anadara satowi (Dunker, 1882) (basis of record)
Anadara troscheli (Dunker, 1882) (basis of record)
Anadara uropigimelana (Bory de Saint-Vincent, 1827) (basis of record)
Anadara vellicata (Reeve, 1844) (additional source)
Anapella retroconvexa Q.-Q. Zhuang, 1978 (basis of record)
Anatinella nicobarica (Gmelin, 1791) (basis of record)
Anisocorbula Iredale, 1930 accepted as Corbula (Anisocorbula) Iredale, 1930 represented as Corbula Bruguière, 1797 (basis of record)
Anisodonta angulata Dall, Bartsch & Rehder, 1938 accepted as Basterotia angulata (H. Adams, 1871) (basis of record)
Anomalodiscus squamosus (Linnaeus, 1758) (basis of record)
Anomia chinensis R. A. Philippi, 1849 (additional source)
Anomiostrea coralliophila Habe, 1975 (basis of record)
Antigona chemnitzii (Hanley, 1845) (basis of record)
Antigona lamellaris Schumacher, 1817 (additional source)
Aphrodora nipponica (Kuroda & Habe, 1971) (basis of record)
Arca avellana Lamarck, 1819 accepted as Lamarcka avellana (Lamarck, 1819) (source of synonymy)
Arca boucardi Jousseaume, 1894 accepted as Tetrarca boucardi (Jousseaume, 1894) (basis of record)
Arca navicularis Bruguière, 1789 (additional source)
Arca patriarchalis Röding, 1798 accepted as Lamarcka avellana (Lamarck, 1819) (basis of record)
Arca ventricosa Lamarck, 1819 accepted as Lamarcka ventricosa (Lamarck, 1818) (additional source)
Arcopsis minabensis Habe, 1981 accepted as Arcopsis sculptilis (Reeve, 1844) (basis of record)
Arcopsis sculptilis (Reeve, 1844) (basis of record)
Arcuatula elegans (Gray, 1828) (basis of record)
Arcuatula perfragilis (Dunker, 1857) (basis of record)
Arcuatula senhousia (W. H. Benson, 1842) (basis of record)
Arenifodiens B. R. Wilson, 2006 (basis of record)
Arenifodiens vagina (Lamarck, 1819) (basis of record)
Asaphis violascens (Forsskål, 1775) (additional source)
Aspidopholas yoshimurai Kuroda & Teramachi, 1930 (basis of record)
Asthenothaerus huanghaiensis F.-S. Xu, 1989 accepted as Parvithracia huanghaiensis (F.-S. Xu, 1989) (basis of record)
Atactodea striata (Gmelin, 1791) (additional source)
Atrina pectinata (Linnaeus, 1767) (basis of record)
Atrina penna (Reeve, 1858) (basis of record)
Atrina vexillum (Born, 1778) (additional source)
Aulacomya maoriana (Iredale, 1915) (basis of record)
Azorinus scheepmakeri (Dunker, 1852) (basis of record)
Barbatia (Barbatia) J. E. Gray, 1842 represented as Barbatia J. E. Gray, 1842 (additional source)
Barbatia (Barbatia) obliquata (W. Wood, 1828) accepted as Barbatia obliquata (W. Wood, 1828) (additional source)
Barbatia amygdalumtostum (Röding, 1798) (basis of record)
Barbatia cometa (Reeve, 1844) (additional source)
Barbatia grayana Dunker, 1867 (basis of record)
Barbatia lacerata (Bruguière, 1789) (additional source)
Barbatia parva (G. B. Sowerby I, 1833) (basis of record)
Barbatia stearnsi [sic] accepted as Barbatia stearnsii (Pilsbry, 1895) (basis of record)
Barbatia yamamotoi Sakurai & Habe, 1961 accepted as Hawaiarca yamamotoi (Sakurai & Habe, 1961) (basis of record)
Barnea australasiae (G. B. Sowerby II, 1849) (basis of record)
Barnea davidi (Deshayes, 1874) (basis of record)
Barnea dilatata (Souleyet, 1843) (basis of record)
Barnea fragilis (G. B. Sowerby II, 1849) (basis of record)
Barnea manilensis (R. A. Philippi, 1847) (additional source)
Basterotia angulata (H. Adams, 1871) (basis of record)
Bathyarca japonica Habe, 1977 (basis of record)
Bathyarca kyurokusimana Nomura & Hatai, 1940 (basis of record)
Beguina semiorbiculata (Linnaeus, 1758) (basis of record)
Bentharca asperula (Dall, 1881) (additional source)
Bentharca rubrotincta Kuroda & Habe, 1958 accepted as Deltaodon rubrotincta (Kuroda & Habe, 1958) (basis of record)
Brachidontes mutabilis (Gould, 1861) (basis of record)
Brachidontes setiger (Dunker, 1857) sensu Kuroda, 1932 accepted as Byssogerdius subsulcatus (Dunker, 1857) (basis of record)
Brachidontes striatulus (Hanley, 1843) accepted as Byssogerdius striatulus (Hanley, 1843) (basis of record)
Brechites penis (Linnaeus, 1758) accepted as Verpa penis (Linnaeus, 1758) (basis of record)
Brechites philippinensis (Chenu, 1843) accepted as Penicillus philippinensis (Chenu, 1843) accepted as Verpa philippinensis (Chenu, 1843) (basis of record)
Caecella accepted as Coecella Gray, 1853 (basis of record)
Caecella turgida Deshayes, 1855 accepted as Coecella horsfieldii Gray, 1853 (basis of record)
Callista chinensis (Holten, 1802) (additional source)
Callista erycina (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Calloarca Gray, 1857 (basis of record)
Calloarca tenella (Reeve, 1844) (basis of record)