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Gofas, S.; Le Renard, J.; Bouchet, P. (2001). Mollusca. in: Costello, M.J. et al. (eds), European Register of Marine Species: a check-list of the marine species in Europe and a bibliography of guides to their identification. Patrimoines Naturels. 50: 180-213.
Gofas, S.; Le Renard, J.; Bouchet, P.
Mollusca. in: Costello, M.J. et al. (eds), European Register of Marine Species: a check-list of the marine species in Europe and a bibliography of guides to their identification.
Patrimoines Naturels
50: 180-213
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Abra Lamarck, 1818 (basis of record)
Abra profundorum (E. A. Smith, 1885) (basis of record)
Abralia J. E. Gray, 1849 (basis of record)
Abraliopsis Joubin, 1896 (basis of record)
Acmaea Eschscholtz, 1833 (basis of record)
Acteon Montfort, 1810 (basis of record)
Aeolidiella Bergh, 1867 (basis of record)
Afrocardium Tomlin, 1931 (basis of record)
Alaba H. Adams & A. Adams, 1853 (basis of record)
Alderia modesta (Lovén, 1844) (basis of record)
Allogramma Dall, 1903 (basis of record)
Alvania Risso, 1826 (basis of record)
Alvania cimex (Linnaeus, 1758) (basis of record)
Alvania lineata Risso, 1826 (basis of record)
Amygdalum Megerle von Mühlfeld, 1811 (basis of record)
Anadara J. E. Gray, 1847 (basis of record)
Anadara inaequivalvis (Bruguière, 1789) (basis of record)
Anomia Linnaeus, 1758 (basis of record)
Aplysia Linnaeus, 1767 (basis of record)
Aplysia juliana Quoy & Gaimard, 1832 (basis of record)
Armina Rafinesque, 1814 (basis of record)
Assiminea J. Fleming, 1828 (basis of record)
Atactodea Dall, 1895 (basis of record)
Atactodea striata (Gmelin, 1791) (basis of record)
Atlanta Lesueur, 1817 (basis of record)
Atlanta helicinoides Souleyet, 1852 accepted as Atlanta helicinoidea J. E. Gray, 1850 (basis of record)
Atlanta peronii Lesueur, 1817 (basis of record)
Atrina Gray, 1842 (basis of record)
Axelella Petit, 1988 (basis of record)
Azorinus Récluz, 1869 (basis of record)
Bankia Gray, 1842 (additional source)
Bankia carinata (J. E. Gray, 1827) (additional source)
Bankia fimbriatula Moll & Roch, 1931 (additional source)
Barbatia J. E. Gray, 1842 (additional source)
Barnea Risso, 1826 (basis of record)
Bathyspinula Allen & H. L. Sanders, 1982 (basis of record)
Bathyteuthis abyssicola Hoyle, 1885 (basis of record)
Bentharca A. E. Verrill & K. J. Bush, 1898 (basis of record)
Bentharca asperula (Dall, 1881) (basis of record)
Brachioteuthis A. E. Verrill, 1881 (basis of record)
Brachioteuthis riisei (Steenstrup, 1882) (basis of record)
Bursa ranelloides (Reeve, 1844) accepted as Tritonoranella ranelloides (Reeve, 1844) (basis of record)
Callista Poli, 1791 (basis of record)
Caloria Trinchese, 1888 (basis of record)
Calyptraea Lamarck, 1799 (basis of record)
Cancellaria Lamarck, 1799 (basis of record)
Cardita Bruguière, 1792 (basis of record)
Cardium Linnaeus, 1758 (additional source)
Carinaria Lamarck, 1801 (basis of record)
Cavolinia Abildgaard, 1791 (additional source)
Cavolinia gibbosa (d'Orbigny, 1835) (basis of record)
Cavolinia tridentata (Forsskål, 1775) (basis of record)
Cavolinia uncinata (d'Orbigny, 1835) (basis of record)
Cerberilla Bergh, 1873 (basis of record)
Cetoconcha Dall, 1886 (basis of record)
Chama Linnaeus, 1758 (basis of record)
Chama pacifica Broderip, 1835 (basis of record)
Chiroteuthis d'Orbigny [in A. Férussac & d'Orbigny], 1841 (basis of record)
Chiroteuthis picteti Joubin, 1894 (basis of record)
Chiton Linnaeus, 1758 (basis of record)
Ciliatocardium Kafanov, 1974 (basis of record)
Ciliatocardium ciliatum (O. Fabricius, 1780) (basis of record)
Cingulina A. Adams, 1860 (additional source)
Clanculus Montfort, 1810 (basis of record)
Clausinella Gray, 1851 (basis of record)
Clementia papyracea (Gmelin, 1791) (additional source)
Colubraria Schumacher, 1817 (basis of record)
Coralliophaga Blainville, 1824 (basis of record)
Corbula Bruguière, 1797 (basis of record)
Coryphella verrucosa (M. Sars, 1829) (basis of record)
Crassostrea Sacco, 1897 (basis of record)
Creseis virgula (Rang, 1828) (basis of record)
Cuspidaria Nardo, 1840 (basis of record)
Cuvierina columnella (Rang, 1827) (basis of record)
Cycloteuthis Joubin, 1919 (basis of record)
Cycloteuthis sirventi Joubin, 1919 (basis of record)
Cylichna Lovén, 1846 (basis of record)
Cymatium aquatile (Reeve, 1844) accepted as Monoplex aquatilis (Reeve, 1844) (basis of record)
Cymatium labiosum (W. Wood, 1828) accepted as Turritriton labiosus (W. Wood, 1828) (basis of record)
Cymatium muricinum (Röding, 1798) accepted as Gutturnium muricinum (Röding, 1798) (basis of record)
Cymatium nicobaricum (Röding, 1798) accepted as Monoplex nicobaricus (Röding, 1798) (basis of record)
Cymbulia Péron & Lesueur, 1810 (basis of record)
Cymbulia peronii Blainville, 1818 (basis of record)
Delectopecten R. B. Stewart, 1930 (basis of record)
Dendrodoris nigra (W. Stimpson, 1855) (additional source)
Dentalium Linnaeus, 1758 (basis of record)
Desmopterus Chun, 1889 (basis of record)
Desmopterus papilio Chun, 1889 (basis of record)
Devonia Winckworth, 1930 (basis of record)
Diacavolinia van der Spoel, 1987 (basis of record)
Diacria J. E. Gray, 1840 (basis of record)
Diacria quadridentata (Blainville, 1821) accepted as Telodiacria quadridentata (Blainville, 1821) (basis of record)
Diacria trispinosa (Blainville, 1821) (basis of record)
Diala varia A. Adams, 1861 accepted as Diala semistriata (R. A. Philippi, 1849) (basis of record)
Diplodonta Bronn, 1831 (basis of record)
Dischides Jeffreys, 1867 (basis of record)
Discodoris concinna (Alder & Hancock, 1864) (basis of record)
Discodoris fragilis (Alder & Hancock, 1864) accepted as Sebadoris fragilis (Alder & Hancock, 1864) (basis of record)
Distorsio perdistorta Fulton, 1938 (basis of record)
Dosinia Scopoli, 1777 (basis of record)