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296245  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:296245)

 unaccepted (misspelling)
Species Cantherines analis (Waite, 1904) accepted as Thamnaconus analis (Waite, 1904) (misspelling)
Species Cantherines arenaceus Barnard, 1927 accepted as Thamnaconus arenaceus (Barnard, 1927) (misspelling)
Species Cantherines carolae Jordan & McGregor, 1898 accepted as Cantherhines dumerilii (Hollard, 1854) (synonym)
Species Cantherines dumerilii (Hollard, 1854) accepted as Cantherhines dumerilii (Hollard, 1854) (misspelling)
Species Cantherines fronticinctus (Günther, 1867) accepted as Cantherhines fronticinctus (Günther, 1867) (misspelling)
Species Cantherines guntheri MacLeay, 1881 accepted as Acanthaluteres guntheri (MacLeay, 1881) accepted as Acanthaluteres vittiger (Castelnau, 1873)
Species Cantherines macrocerus (Hollard, 1853) accepted as Cantherhines macrocerus (Hollard, 1853) (misspelling)
Species Cantherines macrurus (Bleeker, 1856) accepted as Pseudomonacanthus macrurus (Bleeker, 1856) (misspelling)
Species Cantherines melanoproctes (Boulenger, 1889) accepted as Thamnaconus melanoproctes (Boulenger, 1889)
Species Cantherines modestoides Barnard, 1927 accepted as Thamnaconus modestoides (Barnard, 1927) (misspelling)
Species Cantherines modestus (Günther, 1877) accepted as Thamnaconus modestus (Günther, 1877)
Species Cantherines pardalis (Rüppell, 1837) accepted as Cantherhines pardalis (Rüppell, 1837) (misspelling)
Species Cantherines pullus (Ranzani, 1842) accepted as Cantherhines pullus (Ranzani, 1842) (misspelling)
Species Cantherines rapanui (de Buen, 1963) accepted as Cantherhines rapanui (de Buen, 1963) (misspelling)
Species Cantherines setosus (Waite, 1899) accepted as Meuschenia scaber (Forster, 1801)
Species Cantherines tessellatus (Günther, 1880) accepted as Thamnaconus tessellatus (Günther, 1880) (misspelling)
Species Cantherines tiki Randall, 1964 accepted as Cantherhines tiki Randall, 1964 (misspelling)
Species Cantherines verecundus Jordan, 1925 accepted as Cantherhines verecundus Jordan, 1925 (misspelling)

Species Cantherines unicornus (Basilewsky, 1855) accepted as Thamnaconus modestus (Günther, 1877) (uncertain > taxon inquirendum)
marine, terrestrial
Not documented
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