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Planiliza haematocheilus (Temminck & Schlegel, 1845)

1509599  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:1509599)

Chelon haematocheilus (Temminck & Schlegel, 1845) · unaccepted (superseded new combination)
Liza borealis Popov, 1930 · unaccepted (synonym)
Liza haematocheila (Temminck & Schlegel, 1845) · unaccepted (misspelling: specific epithet)
Liza haematocheilus (Temminck & Schlegel, 1845) · unaccepted (superseded original combination)
Liza haematochila (Temminck & Schlegel, 1845) · unaccepted (misspelling: specific epithet)
Liza so-iuy (Basilewsky, 1855) · unaccepted (misspelling)
Mugil haematocheilus Temminck & Schlegel, 1845 · unaccepted (superseded original combination)
Mugil soiuy Basilewsky, 1855 · unaccepted (synonym)
Mugil so-iuy Basilewsky, 1855 · unaccepted (misspelling)
Planiliza haematocheila (Temminck & Schlegel, 1845) · unaccepted (misspelling: specific epithet)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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original description  (of Mugil soiuy Basilewsky, 1855) Basilewsky, S. (1855). Ichthyographia Chinae borealis. <em>Nouveaux mémoires de la Société impériale des naturalistes de Moscou.</em> 10: 215-263, Pls. 1-9. [Published in 1855, written in 1852 (see cover). Plates cited in text do not agree with the actual plates.]. [details]   

ecology source Looby, A.; Erbe, C.; Bravo, S.; Cox, K.; Davies, H. L.; Di Iorio, L.; Jézéquel, Y.; Juanes, F.; Martin, C. W.; Mooney, T. A.; Radford, C.; Reynolds, L. K.; Rice, A. N.; Riera, A.; Rountree, R.; Spriel, B.; Stanley, J.; Vela, S.; Parsons, M. J. G. (2023). Global inventory of species categorized by known underwater sonifery. <em>Scientific Data.</em> 10(1). (look up in IMIS), available online at https://doi.org/10.1038/s41597-023-02745-4 [details]  OpenAccess publication 
 Present  Present in aphia/obis/gbif/idigbio   Inaccurate  Introduced: alien  Containing type locality 

English Soiuy mullet [from synonym]Russian grey mullet [from synonym]Haarder [from synonym]  [details]
Japanese メナダ  [details]
Russian Пиленгас [from synonym]  [details]
Turkish cin kefali [from synonym]  [details]
Ukrainian Піленгас [from synonym]  [details]