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Cirsonella Angas, 1877

138494  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:138494)

Tharsiella Bush, 1897 · unaccepted
Tharsis Jeffreys, 1883 · unaccepted (preoccupied by Tharsis Giebel,...)  
preoccupied by Tharsis Giebel, 1847 (Pisces)
Species Cirsonella africana (Bartsch, 1915)
Species Cirsonella ateles (Dautzenberg & H. Fischer, 1896)
Species Cirsonella carinata (Hedley, 1903)
Species Cirsonella consobrina Powell, 1930
Species Cirsonella cubitalis (Hedley, 1907)
Species Cirsonella densilirata Suter, 1908
Species Cirsonella extrema Thiele, 1912
Species Cirsonella floridensis (Dall, 1927)
Species Cirsonella gaudryi (Dautzenberg & H. Fischer, 1896)
Species Cirsonella georgiana (Dall, 1927)
Species Cirsonella globosa (Pelseneer, 1903)
Species Cirsonella kerguelensis Thiele, 1912
Species Cirsonella laxa Powell, 1937
Species Cirsonella maoria (Powell, 1937)
Species Cirsonella margaritiformis (Dall, 1927)
Species Cirsonella microscopica (Gatliff & Gabriel, 1910)
Species Cirsonella ovata Hedley, 1899
Species Cirsonella paradoxa Powell, 1937
Species Cirsonella parvula Powell, 1926
Species Cirsonella pisiformis Powell, 1937
Species Cirsonella propelaxa Dell, 1956
Species Cirsonella reflecta Laseron, 1954
Species Cirsonella romettensis (Granata-Grillo, 1877)
Species Cirsonella variecostata Powell, 1940
Species Cirsonella waikukuensis Powell, 1937
Species Cirsonella weldii (Tenison Woods, 1877)

Species Cirsonella accelerans C. A. Fleming, 1948 accepted as Cirsonella variecostata Powell, 1940
Species Cirsonella australis Angas, 1877 accepted as Cirsonella weldii (Tenison Woods, 1877)
Species Cirsonella granum Murdoch & Suter, 1906 accepted as Lissotesta granum (Murdoch & Suter, 1906) (original combination)
Species Cirsonella kerguelenensis [sic] accepted as Cirsonella kerguelensis Thiele, 1912
Species Cirsonella lata (Laseron, 1954) accepted as Wanganella lata (Laseron, 1954)
Species Cirsonella naticoides (Hedley, 1907) accepted as Cirsonella weldii (Tenison Woods, 1877) (synonym)
Species Cirsonella neozelanica Murdoch, 1899 accepted as Suterilla neozelanica (Murdoch, 1899)
Species Cirsonella perplexa Laseron, 1954 accepted as Cirsonella reflecta Laseron, 1954
Species Cirsonella simplex Powell, 1937 accepted as Acremodontina simplex (Powell, 1937)
Species Cirsonella translucida May, 1915 accepted as Acremodontina translucida (May, 1915) (original combination)
Not documented
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page(s): 113; note: replacement name for Tharsis Jeffreys, 1883, non Giebel, 1847 [Pisces] [details]   

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