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Hartman, Olga. (1945). The marine annelids of North Carolina. Duke University Marine Station Bulletin. 2: 1-54.
Hartman, Olga
The marine annelids of North Carolina
Duke University Marine Station Bulletin
2: 1-54
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
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None. Begins: "This study was made during the summer of 1940 with the facilities and permission of the U. S. Fisheries Laboratory at Beaufort, North Carolina. Work was limited largely to the intertidal areas in the vicinity of Pivers Island, near Beaufort; some dredging and trawling were done in a few feet of water in Bogue Sound and in 45 to 75 feet outside of Beaufort Inlet. In many instances data are given regarding unusual associations and commensalism, habits of tube-building, stage of maturity of individual species, colors in life or other phenomena that might aid in the ready identification in the field or with the aid of ·low magnifications. One hundred and four species of polyehaetous annelids are reported from eastern United States, largely from the vicinity of Beaufort, some new for this region, others for the first time from eastern North America, and a few unique to Beaufort. All except two species were collected during the preparation of this report. Two new genera, six new species or subspecies, and seven new combinations are proposed; another species is revised, based on type material. Some species that have remained unknown except through an early brief account have been reidentified, and some have had their ranges extended. A considerable number of species are now believed to be common to an area extending from New England south through the West Indies; others range from North Carolina south through the West Indies or even Brazil; some are common to North Carolina and the subtropical eastern Pacific; comparatively few species are cosmopolitan, and a few are known only from the Carolinas. "
America, North
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Acoetes lupina Stimpson, 1856 accepted as Polyodontes lupinus (Stimpson, 1856) (new combination reference)
Aglaophamus dicirris Hartman, 1945 accepted as Aglaophamus verrilli (McIntosh, 1885) (original description)
Ancistrosyllis bassi Hartman, 1945 accepted as Sigambra bassi (Hartman, 1945) (original description)
Aricia rubra Webster, 1879 accepted as Leodamas rubrus (Webster, 1879) (new combination reference)
Armandia agilis (Andrews, 1891) (additional source)
Autolytus ornatus (Verrill, 1873) (basis of record)
Axiothella mucosa (Andrews, 1891) accepted as Clymenella mucosa (Andrews, 1891) (source of synonymy)
Boguea Hartman, 1945 (original description)
Boguea enigmatica Hartman, 1945 (original description)
Branchioasychis americana Hartman, 1945 accepted as Sabaco elongatus (Verrill, 1873) (original description)
Ceratonereis tridentata (Webster, 1879) accepted as Websterinereis tridentata (Webster, 1880) (new combination reference)
Clymene torquatus Leidy, 1855 accepted as Clymenella torquata (Leidy, 1855) (source of synonymy)
Clymenella torquata (Leidy, 1855) (additional source)
Glycinde solitaria (Webster, 1879) accepted as Glycinde multidens Müller, 1858 (new combination reference)
Haplosyllis palpata Verrill, 1900 accepted as Haplosyllis spongicola (Grube, 1855) (source of synonymy)
Haplosyllis spongicola (Grube, 1855) (additional source)
Laeonereis Hartman, 1945 (original description)
Laeonereis culveri (Webster, 1879) (new combination reference)
Laeonereis glauca (Claparède, 1870) accepted as Websterinereis glauca (Claparède, 1870) (basis of record)
Leptonereis Kinberg, 1865 (redescription)
Leptonereis laevis Kinberg, 1865 (redescription)
Loimia turgida Andrews, 1891 (basis of record)
Nereiphylla fragilis (Webster, 1879) (new combination reference)
Nereis (Leptonereis) glauca Claparède, 1870 accepted as Websterinereis glauca (Claparède, 1870) (new combination reference)
Nereis pelagica occidentalis Hartman, 1945 accepted as Nereis occidentalis Hartman, 1945 (original description)
Nereis succinea Leuckart, 1847 accepted as Alitta succinea (Leuckart, 1847) (new combination reference)
Nereis tridentata Webster, 1879 accepted as Websterinereis tridentata (Webster, 1880) (source of synonymy)
Notomastus (Clistomastus) hemipodus Hartman, 1945 accepted as Notomastus hemipodus Hartman, 1945 (basis of record)
Notomastus (Clistomastus) hemipodus Hartman, 1945 accepted as Notomastus hemipodus Hartman, 1945 (original description)
Notomastus (Clistomastus) hemipodus Hartman, 1945 accepted as Notomastus hemipodus Hartman, 1945 (source of synonymy)
Onuphis magna (Andrews, 1891) accepted as Americonuphis magna (Andrews, 1891) (source of synonymy)
Paedophylax dispar Webster, 1879 accepted as Exogone dispar (Webster, 1879) (new combination reference)
Paleanotus heteroseta Hartman, 1945 accepted as Paleaequor heteroseta (Hartman, 1945) (original description)
Phyllodoce fragilis Webster, 1879 accepted as Nereiphylla fragilis (Webster, 1879) (source of synonymy)
Polydora tetrabranchia Hartman, 1945 accepted as Dipolydora tetrabranchia (Hartman, 1945) (original description)
Polyodontes lupinus (Stimpson, 1856) (additional source)
Proceraea tardigrada Webster, 1879 accepted as Autolytus ornatus (Verrill, 1873) (source of synonymy)
Pseudeurythoe ambigua (Monro, 1933) accepted as Linopherus ambigua (Monro, 1933) (new combination reference)
Pseudopotamilla reniformis (Bruguière, 1789) (source of synonymy)
Scoloplos (Leodamas) rubra (Webster, 1879) accepted as Leodamas rubrus (Webster, 1879) (new combination reference)
Tharyx setigera Hartman, 1945 accepted as Tharyx acutus Webster & Benedict, 1887 (original description)

Although (with hindsight) Boguea clearly looks like a Rhodininae maldanid, Hartman initially placed it in ... [details]


First description (1945) as follows: "Aglaophamus dicirris Hartman" "Hartman, 1945a, in press, Allan Hancock ... [details]


Not stated, but the type locality was Bogue Sound, near Beaufort, North Carolina. Hartman added an 'a' so made the ... [details]

 Publication date

Inadvertently prematurely published in 1945. The full description is not until the 1950 paper, which Hartman ... [details]


Zibrowius (1971:699) states that Serpula hexagona is indeterminable and does not match Hydroides dianthus, but that ... [details]

 Type material

Deposited at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, Sweden. [details]