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Lorenz, F. and G. Rosenberg. (2020). A new species of Pseudosimnia from Hawaii (Gastropoda: Ovulidae). Acta Conchyliorum. 19: 77-84.
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Lorenz, F. and G. Rosenberg
A new species of <i>Pseudosimnia</i> from Hawaii (Gastropoda: Ovulidae)
Acta Conchyliorum
19: 77-84
The Hawaiian Pseudosimnia alisonae n. sp. differs from its Western Pacific congeners by the lack of a sutural band, the stronger development of callus and the shorter and more solid posterior extremity, along with several other subtle characters. Conchological features of genera related to Pseudosimnia SCHILDER, 1927 are assessed and Pseudosimnia bilineata BOZZETTI, 2009, is transferred to Diminovula (n. comb.). Vokesina DOLIN & DOCKERY, 2018, named as a subgenus of Pseudosimnia, is raised to full genus status (n. stat.).
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 Taxonomic remark

Lorenz & Rosenberg (2020) treated Vokesina as a full genus because its morphology was not consistent with ... [details]