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Johnson, J.Y. (1861). Description of a second species of Acanthogorgia (J. E. Gray) from Madeira. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London. 1861: 296-298.
Johnson, J.Y.
Description of a second species of <i>Acanthogorgia</i> (J. E. Gray) from Madeira
Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London
1861: 296-298
[From introduction:]
In the 'Proceedings of the Zoological Society' for 1857, p. 128, was printed a description of a new genus of Gorgoniadae by Dr. J. E. Gray, founded on a specimen in the British Museum, the habitat of which was unknown. The genus was named by its describer Acanthogorgia, and the specimen was figured, by an inadvertence, in the 'Proceedings of the Zoological Society' for 1851 (Radiata, PI. Ill. fig. 2), under the name of Nidalia occidentalis, instead of Acanthogorgia hirsuta, Gray. I am now in a position to state that the native place of this curious Black Coral (of which no notice has been taken by M. Milne-Edwards in his work on Coralliaria) is Madeira; for I possess one specimen, and have seen others, obtained from deep water near that island. Last winter a specimen of Black Coral fell into my hands (also obtained from the same coast), which, though evidently belonging to the genus Acanthogorgia, appeared on examination to be specifically distinct from the species previously described. I now proceed to lay before the Society a description of this second species, which I have named, in honour of the founder of the genus to which it belongs, Acanthogorgia grayi.
Atlantic Ocean (without specification)
Lusitanian region: Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands to west Iberian Peninsula together
Systematics, Taxonomy
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