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Robinson, J. H. (2017). A review of all Recent species in the genus Novocrania (Craniata, Brachiopoda). Zootaxa. 4329(6): 501-559.
10.11646/zootaxa.4329.6.1 [view]
urn:lsid:zoobank.org:pub:EC2E87B4-47CB-4F7D-AF86-4EBAB14D1514 [view]
Robinson, J. H.
A review of all Recent species in the genus Novocrania (Craniata, Brachiopoda)
4329(6): 501-559
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The Recent species in the craniid genus Novocrania are reviewed, based on the examination of actual specimens wherever possible, especially for species named from one or a few specimens. The fourteen Recent species currently in the literature are reduced to eight; five species names are synonymized. One species name was given to a specimen that is not a craniid. The wide morphological ranges of the remaining Novocrania species are described and figured and the extended geographical ranges illustrated. Diagnoses of the remaining species are provided. The long-standing debate whether Novocrania anomala and N. turbinata are separate species or synonyms is resolved; they are separate species. New molecular analyses and a relative time-tree are provided by Cohen et al. (Appendix 1), the time-tree is calibrated herein and the results of Cohen et al. (2014; Appendix 1) and the time tree are discussed. The likelihood of craniid long-distance migration based on their geographical ranges is discussed.
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