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Topalo─člu, B; Evcen, A. (2014). Updated checklist of sponges (Porifera) along the coasts of Turkey. Turkish Journal of Zoology. 38: 665-676.
Topalo─člu, B; Evcen, A.
Updated checklist of sponges (Porifera) along the coasts of Turkey
Turkish Journal of Zoology
38: 665-676
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This study compiled the data from previous papers emphasizing sponge species on the Turkish coasts. In total, 131 species belonging to 46 families have been reported: 82 species from the Aegean Sea, 63 species from the Sea of Marmara, 51 species from the Levantine Sea, and 13 species from the Black Sea. Among these species, 3 species are new records for the marine fauna of Turkey: Rhizaxinella elongata, Axinyssa digitata, and Terpios gelatinosa. Raspalia viminalis is a new record for the Sea of Marmara. The morphological and distributional features of 3 species are presented. In addition, a checklist of the sponge species reported from the Turkish coasts to date is provided.
Mediterranean Sea in general
Systematics, Taxonomy
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