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Cooper, G. A. (1973). New Brachiopoda from the Indian Ocean. Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology. (16): 1-45.
10.5479/si.00810266.16.1 [view]
Cooper, G. A.
New Brachiopoda from the Indian Ocean
Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology
(16): 1-45
G. Arthur Cooper. New Brachiopoda from the Indian Ocean. Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology, number 16, 45 pages, 1 figure, 8 plates. 1973.—The collections described in this paper add significantly to the brachiopod fauna. Most of the specimens were collected on the following cruises of the Woods Hole Oceanographic research vessel Anton Bruun while participating in the biological program of the International Indian Ocean Expedition: Cruise 1, east side of the Indian Ocean and Andaman Sea; Cruise 4B, off the Gulf of Cutch in the Arabian Sea; Cruises 7 and 8, in the Mozambique Channel and off the east coast of Africa; and Cruise 9, off the east coast of the Somali Republic. Of the fifteen species in the Anton Bruun collection, nine are described as new. Three of the new species represent new genera. In addition to these a fourth new genus is based on Rhynchonella valdiviae Helmcke from the southern Indian Ocean, and a rare new species of Argyrotheca is described from the Red Sea. Species described but poorly figured by W. H. Dall also are discussed and illustrated in this paper. Available pertinent geographical and ecological data are recorded and discussed. Although Mediterranean and Atlantic brachiopod elements have been known from the Indian Ocean, the Anton Bruun collections produced two genera hitherto found only in Pacific waters.
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Argyrotheca jacksoni Cooper, 1973 (original description)
Argyrotheca somaliensis Cooper, 1973 (original description)
Compsoria Cooper, 1973 (original description)
Compsoria suffusa Cooper, 1973 accepted as Jolonica suffusa (Cooper, 1973) (original description)
Cryptopora curiosa Cooper, 1973 (original description)
Eucalathis fasciculata Cooper, 1973 (original description)
Frenulina cruenta Cooper, 1973 (original description)
Gryphus africanus Cooper, 1973 accepted as Xenobrochus africanus (Cooper, 1973) (original description)
Gryphus indianensis Cooper, 1973 accepted as Xenobrochus indianensis (Cooper, 1973) (original description)
Nipponithyris afra Cooper, 1973 (original description)
Striarina Cooper, 1973 (original description)
Thaumatosia Cooper, 1973 (original description)
Thaumatosia anomala Cooper, 1973 (original description)
Thaumatosiidae Cooper, 1973 (original description)