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May, W. L. (1915). Additions to the Tasmanian marine Mollusca, with descriptions of new species. Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania. (1915): 75-99 [issued separately 31 December 1915].
May, W. L.
Additions to the Tasmanian marine Mollusca, with descriptions of new species
<i>Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania</i>
(1915): 75-99 [issued separately 31 December 1915]
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Alvania (Linemera) thouinensis May, 1915 represented as Alvania thouinensis May, 1915 (original description)
Alvania suprasculpta (May, 1915) (original description)
Amphithalamus pertumidus May, 1915 accepted as Onoba pertumida (May, 1915) (original description)
Amphithalamus tiara May, 1915 accepted as Onoba tiara (May, 1915) (original description)
Amphithalamus triangulus May, 1915 (original description)
Cirsonella translucida May, 1915 accepted as Acremodontina translucida (May, 1915) (original description)
Clathurella nodorete May, 1915 accepted as Pseudodaphnella nodorete (May, 1915) (original description)
Euchelus profundior May, 1915 accepted as Vaceuchelus profundior (May, 1915) (original description)
Eulima columnaria May, 1915 accepted as Hebeulima columnaria (May, 1915) (original description)
Eulima cunaeformis May, 1915 accepted as Melanella cunaeformis (May, 1915) (original description)
Eulima mamilla May, 1915 accepted as Melanella mamilla (May, 1915) (original description)
Eulima schoutanica May, 1915 accepted as Sabinella schoutanica (May, 1915) (original description)
Marginella auriculata Ménard de la Groye, 1811 accepted as Ringicula auriculata (Ménard de la Groye, 1811) (additional source)
Marginella caducocincta May, 1915 accepted as Mesoginella caducocincta (May, 1915) (original description)
Myadora elongata May, 1915 accepted as Myadoropsis elongata (May, 1915) (original description)
Odostomia crassicosta May, 1915 accepted as Linopyrga crassicosta (May, 1915) (original description)
Odostomia occultidens May, 1915 (original description)
Rissoa pupoides May, 1915 accepted as Onoba puer (May, 1921) (original description)
Stephopoma nucleocostatum May, 1915 accepted as Dendropoma nucleocostatum (May, 1915) (additional source)
Taranis aculeata May, 1915 accepted as Nepotilla aculeata (May, 1915) (original description)
Taranis microscopica May, 1915 accepted as Nepotilla microscopica (May, 1915) (original description)
Triphora obliqua May, 1915 accepted as Inella obliqua (May, 1915) (original description)
Verticordia tasmanica May, 1915 (original description)
Zafra columnaria May, 1915 (original description)
Southeast Australian Shelf for Amphithalamus pertumidus May, 1915 
Southeast Australian Shelf for Amphithalamus tiara May, 1915