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Houart, R. (2004). A review of Gemixystus Iredale, 1929 (Gastropoda: Muricidae) from Australia and New Zealand. Novapex. 5 (Hors-série 2): 1-27.
Houart, R.
A review of <i>Gemixystus</i> Iredale, 1929 (Gastropoda: Muricidae) from Australia and New Zealand
5 (Hors-série 2): 1-27
Published 10 February 2004
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Apixystus Iredale, 1929 accepted as Gemixystus Iredale, 1929 (source of synonymy)
Gemixystus Iredale, 1929 (basis of record)
Gemixystus apipagodus (Ponder, 1972) † accepted as Xymenella apipagoda (Ponder, 1972) † (new combination reference)
Gemixystus comes (P. A. Maxwell, 1992) † accepted as Xymenella comes (P. A. Maxwell, 1992) † (new combination reference)
Gemixystus fimbriatus Houart, 2004 (original description)
Gemixystus hypsellus (Tate, 1888) † (new combination reference)
Gemixystus laminatus (Petterd, 1884) (basis of record)
Gemixystus leptos (Houart, 1995) (new combination reference)
Gemixystus polyphillius (Tenison Woods, 1879) (new combination reference)
Gemixystus protocarinatus (Laws, 1941) † accepted as Xymenella protocarinata Laws, 1941 † (new combination reference)
Gemixystus recurvatus (Verco, 1909) (new combination reference)
Gemixystus rhodanos Houart, 2004 (original description)
Gemixystus rippingalei (Houart, 1998) (new combination reference)
Gemixystus stimuleus (Hedley, 1907) (new combination reference)
Gemixystus zebra Houart, 2004 † (original description)
Trophon hypsellus Tate, 1888 † accepted as Gemixystus hypsellus (Tate, 1888) † (subsequent type designation)
Trophon icosiphyllus Tate, 1888 † accepted as Gemixystus icosiphyllus (Tate, 1888) † (subsequent type designation)
New Caledonian Exclusive Economic Zone for Gemixystus leptos (Houart, 1995) 
New South Wales for Gemixystus fimbriatus Houart, 2004 
New South Wales for Gemixystus laminatus (Petterd, 1884) 
New South Wales for Gemixystus polyphillius (Tenison Woods, 1879) 
New South Wales for Gemixystus recurvatus (Verco, 1909) 
New Zealand for Xymene apipagodus Ponder, 1972 † 
Queensland for Gemixystus laminatus (Petterd, 1884) 
Queensland for Gemixystus rippingalei (Houart, 1998) 
South Australia (state) for Gemixystus fimbriatus Houart, 2004 
Tasmania for Gemixystus fimbriatus Houart, 2004 
Tasmania for Gemixystus polyphillius (Tenison Woods, 1879) 
Victoria (Australian state) for Gemixystus laminatus (Petterd, 1884) 
Victoria (Australian state) for Gemixystus polyphillius (Tenison Woods, 1879)