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Park, T. (2000). Taxonomy and distribution of the calanoid copepod Family Heterorhabdididae. Bulletin of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California. 31:1-269.
Park, T.
Taxonomy and distribution of the calanoid copepod Family Heterorhabdididae.
Bulletin of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California
The World Of Copepods (T. Chad Walter)
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Alloiorhabdus medius Wolfenden, 1911 accepted as Heterorhabdus medius (Wolfenden, 1911) (status source)
Disseta atlantica Wolfenden, 1911 accepted as Disseta palumbii Giesbrecht, 1889 (source of synonymy)
Disseta coelebs Heptner, 1972 accepted as Disseta magna Bradford, 1971 (source of synonymy)
Disseta grandis Esterly, 1906 accepted as Disseta palumbii Giesbrecht, 1889 (source of synonymy)
Disseta magna Bradford, 1971 (additional source)
Disseta maxima Esterly, 1911 accepted as Disseta scopularis (Brady, 1883) (source of synonymy)
Disseta minuta Grice & Hulsemann, 1965 accepted as Microdisseta minuta (Grice & Hulsemann, 1965) (additional source)
Disseta palumbii Giesbrecht, 1889 (redescription)
Disseta scopularis (Brady, 1883) (source of synonymy)
Hemirhabdus amplus Park, 2000 (original description)
Hemirhabdus falciformis Wolfenden, 1911 accepted as Neorhabdus falciformis (Wolfenden, 1911) (source of synonymy)
Hemirhabdus grimaldii (Richard, 1893) (redescription)
Heterorhabdus abyssalis (Giesbrecht, 1889) (additional source)
Heterorhabdus americanus Park, 2000 (original description)
Heterorhabdus ankylocolus Park, 2000 (original description)
Heterorhabdus austrinus Giesbrecht, 1902 (additional source)
Heterorhabdus brevicaudatus Wolfenden, 1905 accepted as Mesorhabdus brevicaudatus (Wolfenden, 1905) (redescription)
Heterorhabdus clausii (Giesbrecht, 1889) represented as Heterorhabdus clausi (Giesbrecht, 1889) (additional source)
Heterorhabdus cohibilis Park, 2000 (original description)
Heterorhabdus confusibilis Park, 2000 (original description)
Heterorhabdus egregius Heptner, 1972 (additional source)
Heterorhabdus fistulosus Tanaka, 1964 (additional source)
Heterorhabdus grimaldii (Richard, 1893) accepted as Hemirhabdus grimaldii (Richard, 1893) (source of synonymy)
Heterorhabdus guineanensis Park, 2000 (original description)
Heterorhabdus habrosomus Park, 2000 (original description)
Heterorhabdus heterolobus Park, 2000 (original description)
Heterorhabdus insukae Park, 2000 (original description)
Heterorhabdus lobatus Bradford, 1971 (additional source)
Heterorhabdus longisegmentus Park, 2000 (original description)
Heterorhabdus nigrotinctus Brady, 1918 accepted as Heterostylites nigrotinctus (Brady, 1918) (source of synonymy)
Heterorhabdus norvegicus (Boeck, 1872) (additional source)
Heterorhabdus oikoumenikis Park, 2000 (original description)
Heterorhabdus pacificus Brodsky, 1950 (additional source)
Heterorhabdus papilliger (Claus, 1863) (additional source)
Heterorhabdus paraspinosus Park, 2000 (original description)
Heterorhabdus prolatus Park, 2000 (original description)
Heterorhabdus prolixus Park, 2000 (original description)
Heterorhabdus pustulifer Farran, 1929 (additional source)
Heterorhabdus quadrilobus Park, 2000 (original description)
Heterorhabdus spinifer Park, 1970 (additional source)
Heterorhabdus spinifrons (Claus, 1863) (additional source)
Heterorhabdus spinosus Bradford, 1971 (additional source)
Heterorhabdus subspinifrons Tanaka, 1964 (additional source)
Heterorhabdus tanneri (Giesbrecht, 1895) (additional source)
Heterorhabdus tuberculus Park, 2000 (original description)
Heterostylites echinatus Park, 2000 (original description)
Heterostylites longicornis (Giesbrecht, 1889) (redescription)
Heterostylites longioperculis Park, 2000 (original description)
Heterostylites major (Dahl F., 1894) (redescription)
Heterostylites nigrotinctus (Brady, 1918) (redescription)
Heterostylites submajor Park, 2000 (original description)
Heterostylites submajor Park, 2000 (redescription)
Leuckartia scopularis Brady, 1883 accepted as Disseta scopularis (Brady, 1883) (source of synonymy)
Mesorhabdus angustus Sars G.O., 1907 (redescription)
Mesorhabdus annectens Sars G.O., 1905 accepted as Mesorhabdus brevicaudatus (Wolfenden, 1905) (source of synonymy)
Mesorhabdus brevicaudatus (Wolfenden, 1905) (redescription)
Mesorhabdus gracilis Sars G.O., 1907 (redescription)
Mesorhabdus paragracilis Park, 2000 (original description)
Mesorhabdus poriphorus Park, 2000 (original description)
Mesorhabdus truncatus Scott A., 1909 accepted as Neorhabdus truncatus (Scott A., 1909) accepted as Neorhabdus latus (Sars G.O., 1905) (source of synonymy)
Neorhabdus brevicornis Park, 2000 (original description)
Neorhabdus capitaneus Park, 2000 (original description)
Neorhabdus falciformis (Wolfenden, 1911) (redescription)
Neorhabdus latus (Sars G.O., 1905) (redescription)
Neorhabdus subcapitaneus Park, 2000 (original description)
Paraheterorhabdus compactus (Sars G.O., 1900) (additional source)
Paraheterorhabdus farrani (Brady, 1918) (additional source)
Paraheterorhabdus illgi Park, 2000 (original description)
Paraheterorhabdus longispinus (Davis, 1949) (additional source)
Paraheterorhabdus medianus (Park, 1970) (additional source)
Paraheterorhabdus robustus (Farran, 1908) (additional source)
Paraheterorhabdus vipera (Giesbrecht, 1889) (additional source)