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Cypraeidae Rafinesque, 1815

23022  (

Genus Annepona Iredale, 1935
Genus Arestorides Iredale, 1930
Genus Barycypraea Schilder, 1927
Genus Blasicrura Iredale, 1930
Genus Callistocypraea Schilder, 1927
Genus Chelycypraea Schilder, 1927
Genus Contradusta Meyer, 2003
Genus Cribrarula Strand, 1929
Subfamily Cypraeinae Rafinesque, 1815
  » Genus Cypraea Linnaeus, 1758
Subfamily Erosariinae Schilder, 1924
Subfamily Erroneinae Schilder, 1927
Subfamily Gisortiinae Schilder, 1927 †
Genus Leporicypraea Iredale, 1930
Subfamily Luriinae Schilder, 1932
  » Genus Luria Jousseaume, 1884
  » Genus Talparia Troschel, 1863
Genus Lyncina Troschel, 1863
Genus Mauritia Troschel, 1863
Genus Melicerona Iredale, 1930
Genus Notadusta Schilder, 1935
Genus Ovatipsa Iredale, 1931
Genus Palmadusta Iredale, 1930
Genus Purpuradusta Schilder, 1939
Subfamily Pustulariinae Gill, 1871
  » Tribe Cypraeovulini Schilder, 1927
    » Genus Cypraeovula Gray, 1824
  » Genus Pseudozonaria Schilder, 1929
  » Tribe Pustulariini Gill, 1871
    » Genus Pustularia Swainson, 1840
  » Tribe Zonariini Schilder, 1932
    » Genus Zonaria Jousseaume, 1884
Genus Ransoniella Dolin & Lozouet, 2005
Genus Talostolida Schilder, 1939
Genus Trona Jousseaume, 1884
Genus Zoila Jousseaume, 1884

Genus Afrozoila Fehse, 2016 accepted as Barycypraea Schilder, 1927
Genus Cribraria Jousseaume, 1884 accepted as Cribrarula Strand, 1929 (Invalid: junior homonym of Cribraria Persoon, 1794 [Mycetozoa]; Cribrarula is a replacement name)
recent + fossil
Not documented
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2009-03-28 21:19:53Z
2012-11-24 01:20:16Z

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