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Barnard, K. H. (1955). Additions to the fauna-list of South African Crustacea and Pycnogonida. Annals of the South African Museum. 43: 1-107.
Barnard, K. H.
Additions to the fauna-list of South African Crustacea and Pycnogonida
Annals of the South African Museum
43: 1-107
The World Of Copepods (T. Chad Walter)
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Indian Ocean (without specifications)
Indian Ocean, Western
South Africa
South East Atlantic (only warm temperate; cold temperate see *SUB)
South-east Atlantic
Southern Africa
Southern Indian Ocean
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Acetes natalensis Barnard, 1955 (original description)
Actumnus laevigatus Rathbun, 1911 accepted as Pilumnus laevigatus (Rathbun, 1911) (basis of record)
Afrochiltonia K.H. Barnard, 1955 (original description)
Alloniscus pigmentatus Budde-Lund, 1885 (basis of record)
Alpheus bullatus Barnard, 1955 accepted as Alpheus architectus De Man, 1897 in (original description)
Ampelisca anisuropa (Stebbing, 1908) (additional source)
Ampelisca diadema (Costa, 1853) (additional source)
Ampithoe ramondi Audouin, 1826 (additional source)
Anchistus inermis (Miers) accepted as Anchistus custos (Forskål, 1775) (source of synonymy)
Apanthura dubia Barnard, 1914 accepted as Amakusanthura dubia (Barnard, 1914) (basis of record)
Arcturella corniger (Stebbing, 1873) accepted as Astacilla corniger (Stebbing, 1873) (basis of record)
Artopoles Barnard, 1920 (basis of record)
Artopoles capensis Barnard, 1955 (basis of record)
Artopoles capensis Barnard, 1955 (original description)
Athelges Gerstaecker, 1862 (additional source)
Athelges caudalis Barnard, 1955 (original description)
Bopyrella Bonnier, 1900 (basis of record)
Bopyrella hodgarti Chopra, 1923 accepted as Parabopyrella hodgarti (Chopra, 1923) (basis of record)
Calliopiella michaelseni Schellenberg, 1925 (basis of record)
Camorta nicobarica Barnard, 1936 accepted as Olibrinus antennatus (Budde-Lund, 1902) (basis of record)
Caprellina spiniger K.H. Barnard, 1916 (basis of record)
Cerapus abditus Templeton, 1836 accepted as Ericthonius punctatus (Spence Bate, 1857) (additional source)
Cheiriphotis megacheles (Giles, 1885) (basis of record)
Chevalia aviculae Walker, 1904 (basis of record)
Chlorodopsis pilumnoides (White, 1848) accepted as Pilodius pilumnoides (White, 1848) (basis of record)
Cirolana capitella Barnard, 1955 accepted as Cirolana pustulosa Hale, 1925 (original description)
Cirolana capitella Barnard, 1955 accepted as Cirolana pustulosa Hale, 1925 (basis of record)
Cirolana cingulata Barnard, 1920 (basis of record)
Cirolana imposita Barnard, 1955 (original description)
Cirolana imposita Barnard, 1955 (basis of record)
Cirolana pilula Barnard, 1955 accepted as Natatolana pilula (Barnard, 1955) (original description)
Cirolana saldanhae Barnard, 1951 (basis of record)
Cleantis natalensis Barnard, 1925 accepted as Cleantioides natalensis (Barnard, 1925) (basis of record)
Cleistostoma algoense Barnard, 1954 accepted as Paratylodiplax algoensis (Barnard, 1954) (basis of record)
Cleistostoma edwardsii MacLeay, 1838 accepted as Danielella edwardsii (MacLeay, 1838) (basis of record)
Colomastix pusilla Grube, 1861 (additional source)
Conilorpheus Stebbing, 1905 (basis of record)
Conilorpheus blandus Barnard, 1955 (original description)
Conilorpheus scutifrons Stebbing, 1908 (basis of record)
Corallana furcilla Barnard, 1955 (original description)
Coralliocaris lucina Nobili, 1901 accepted as Jocaste lucina (Nobili, 1901) (source of synonymy)
Cryptochirus Heller, 1860 (additional source)
Cryptochirus coralliodytes Heller, 1860 (basis of record)
Cryptocnemus holdsworthi Miers, 1877 (basis of record)
Cryptodromia pentagonalis (Hilgendorf, 1879) (basis of record)
Cymadusa filosa Savigny, 1816 (additional source)
Cymodoce alis Barnard, 1955 (original description)
Cymodoce alis Barnard, 1955 (basis of record)
Cymodoce cryptodoma Barnard, 1920 (additional source)
Cymodoce lis Barnard, 1955 (basis of record)
Cymodoce lis Barnard, 1955 (original description)
Cymodoce natalensis Barnard, 1920 (basis of record)
Cymodoce zanzibarensis Stebbing, 1910 (basis of record)
Cymodocella eutylos Barnard, 1954 (basis of record)
Cymodocella pustulata Barnard, 1914 (basis of record)
Cymodocella sublevis Barnard, 1914 (basis of record)
Cyphocarcinus A. Milne-Edwards, 1868 (basis of record)
Cyphocarcinus capreolus (Paulson, 1875) (basis of record)
Cypsiphimedia K.H. Barnard, 1955 accepted as Iphimedia Rathke, 1843 (original description)
Cypsiphimedia gibba K.H. Barnard, 1955 accepted as Iphimedia gibba (K.H. Barnard, 1955) (original description)
Dexamine spiniventris (Costa, 1853) (additional source)
Dies monodi Barnard, 1951 accepted as Cassidinidea monodi (Barnard, 1951) (basis of record)
Dorippe lanata (Linnaeus, 1767) accepted as Medorippe lanata (Linnaeus, 1767) (basis of record)
Dromidia dissothrix Barnard, 1947 (basis of record)
Dynamenella australis Richardson, 1906 accepted as Ischyromene australis (Richardson, 1906) (basis of record)
Ebalia agglomus Barnard, 1955 (original description)
Ebalia pondoensis Barnard, 1955 (original description)
Elasmopus affinis Della Valle, 1893 accepted as Elasmopus rapax Costa, 1853 (additional source)
Epulaega monilis (Barnard, 1914) (basis of record)
Eriopisa chilkensis (Chilton, 1921) accepted as Victoriopisa chilkensis (Chilton, 1921) (basis of record)
Eucrate sulcatifrons (Stimpson, 1858) accepted as Eucrate crenata (De Haan, 1835) (basis of record)
Eumedonus granulosus MacGilchrist, 1905 accepted as Gonatonotus granulosus (MacGilchrist, 1905) (basis of record)
Euonyx conicurus K.H. Barnard, 1955 accepted as Uristidae incertae sedis conicurus (K.H. Barnard, 1955) (original description)
Eurydice longicornis (Studer, 1883) (basis of record)
Eurystheus palmoides Barnard, 1932 accepted as Gammaropsis palmoides (K.H. Barnard, 1932) (basis of record)
Exanthura macrura Barnard, 1914 accepted as Haliophasma macrurum (Barnard, 1914) (basis of record)
Excirolana latipes (Barnard, 1914) (additional source)
Exosphaeroma estuarium Barnard, 1951 (basis of record)
Exosphaeroma pallidum Barnard, 1940 (basis of record)
Exosphaeroma planum Barnard, 1914 (basis of record)
Exosphaeroma porrectum Barnard, 1914 (basis of record)
Gammaropsis holmesi (Stebbing, 1908) (additional source)
Grandidierella bonnieri Stebbing, 1908 accepted as Grandidierella megnae (Giles, 1890) (basis of record)
Grandidierella chelata K.H. Barnard, 1951 (basis of record)
Grandidierella lutosa K.H. Barnard, 1952 (basis of record)
Halimede delagoae Barnard, 1954 accepted as Serenepilumnus pisifer (MacLeay, 1838) (basis of record)
Haliophasma Haswell, 1881 (additional source)
Haliophasma pseudocarinata Barnard, 1940 (basis of record)
Hapalocarcinus marsupialis Stimpson, 1859 (basis of record)
Harpilius beaupresi (Audouin) accepted as Harpiliopsis beaupresii (Audouin, 1826) (source of synonymy)
Harpilius depressus Stimpson, 1860 accepted as Harpiliopsis depressa (Stimpson, 1860) (source of synonymy)
Hyale grandicornis (Krøyer, 1845) accepted as Apohyale grandicornis (Krøyer, 1845) (basis of record)
Hyale maroubrae Stebbing, 1899 accepted as Protohyale (Boreohyale) maroubrae (Stebbing, 1899) (basis of record)
Hyale saldanha Chilton, 1912 accepted as Protohyale (Protohyale) saldanha (Chilton, 1912) (basis of record)
Iais pubescens (Dana, 1853) (additional source)
Ianiropsis palpalis Barnard, 1914 (basis of record)
Iathrippa bisbidens (Barnard, 1955) (original description)
Idotea ziczac Barnard, 1951 (basis of record)
Ilyograpsus Barnard, 1955 (basis of record)
Ilyograpsus Barnard, 1955 (original description)
Chagos for Cryptodromia tomentosa (Heller, 1861) 
Chagos for Hapalocarcinus marsupialis Stimpson, 1859 
Chagos for Palaemon debilis Dana, 1852 
Djibouti for Nikoides danae Paulson, 1875 
Madagascar for Cyphocarcinus capreolus (Paulson, 1875) 
Madagascar for Emerita austroafricana Schmitt, 1937 
Mauritius for Cryptochirus coralliodytes Heller, 1860 
Mozambique for Achaeus lacertosus Stimpson, 1857 
Mozambique for Actumnus laevigatus Rathbun, 1911  (doubtful)
Mozambique for Alpheus bullatus Barnard, 1955 
Mozambique for Ampithoe ramondi Audouin, 1826 
Mozambique for Angasia armata (Paulson, 1875) 
Mozambique for Aniculus aniculus (J. C. Fabricius, 1787) 
Mozambique for Arcturella corniger (Stebbing, 1873) 
Mozambique for Athelges caudalis Barnard, 1955 
Mozambique for Bopyrella hodgarti Chopra, 1923 
Mozambique for Calappa gallus (Herbst, 1803) 
Mozambique for Camorta nicobarica Barnard, 1936 
Mozambique for Cerapus abditus Templeton, 1836 
Mozambique for Chevalia aviculae Walker, 1904 
Mozambique for Chlorodiella nigra (Forskål, 1775) 
Mozambique for Chlorodopsis pilumnoides (White, 1848) 
Mozambique for Cirolana capitella Barnard, 1955 
Mozambique for Clibanarius clibanarius (Herbst, 1791) 
Mozambique for Clibanarius longitarsus (De Haan, 1849) 
Mozambique for Clibanarius padavensis De Man, 1888 
Mozambique for Conchoecetes artificiosus (Fabricius, 1798) 
Mozambique for Conilorpheus scutifrons Stebbing, 1908 
Mozambique for Cryptodromia tomentosa (Heller, 1861) 
Mozambique for Cymo andreossyi (Audouin, 1826) 
Mozambique for Cyphocarcinus capreolus (Paulson, 1875) 
Mozambique for Dies monodi Barnard, 1951 
Mozambique for Diogenes avarus Heller, 1865 
Mozambique for Diogenes costatus Henderson, 1893 
Mozambique for Diogenes custos (J. C. Fabricius, 1798) 
Mozambique for Diogenes senex Heller, 1865 
Mozambique for Dorippe lanata (Linnaeus, 1767) 
Mozambique for Ebalia agglomus Barnard, 1955 
Mozambique for Epixanthus frontalis (H. Milne Edwards, 1834) 
Mozambique for Erichthonius brasiliensis (Dana, 1853) 
Mozambique for Eucrate sulcatifrons (Stimpson, 1858) 
Mozambique for Eumedonus granulosus MacGilchrist, 1905 
Mozambique for Euruppellia annulipes (H. Milne-Edwards, 1834) 
Mozambique for Grandidierella bonnieri Stebbing, 1908 
Mozambique for Grapsus (Sesarma) longipes Krauss, 1843 
Mozambique for Halimede delagoae Barnard, 1954 
Mozambique for Hapalocarcinus marsupialis Stimpson, 1859 
Mozambique for Hippolysmata vittata Stimpson, 1860 
Mozambique for Hymenosoma orbiculare Desmarest, 1823 
Mozambique for Iais pubescens (Dana, 1853) 
Mozambique for Ilyograpsus rhizophorae Barnard, 1955 
Mozambique for Irona melanosticta Schioedte & Meinert, 1884 
Mozambique for Lambrus quemvis (Stebbing, 1917) 
Mozambique for Lanocira latifrons Stebbing, 1910 
Mozambique for Latreutes pygmaeus Nobili, 1904 
Mozambique for Leander tenuicornis (Say, 1818) 
Mozambique for Lembos podoceroides Walker, 1904 
Mozambique for Lembos teleporus Barnard, 1955 
Mozambique for Leptochelia mirabilis Stebbing, 1905  (doubtful)
Mozambique for Leptochelia savignyi (Krøyer, 1842) 
Mozambique for Leucosia marmorea Bell, 1855 
Mozambique for Lybia plumosa Barnard, 1947 
Mozambique for Melita fresnelii (Audouin, 1826) 
Mozambique for Melita zeylanica Stebbing, 1904 
Mozambique for Menaethiops delagoae Barnard, 1955 
Mozambique for Menaethiops fascicularis (Krauss, 1843) 
Mozambique for Menaethiops natalensis Barnard, 1955 
Mozambique for Metaprotella haswelliana (Mayer, 1882) 
Mozambique for Miophrixus latreutidis Barnard, 1955 
Mozambique for Monomia gladiator (Fabricius, 1798) 
Mozambique for Naxioides hirta A. Milne-Edwards, 1865 
Mozambique for Nikoides danae Paulson, 1875 
Mozambique for Orchestia ancheidos (K.H. Barnard, 1916) 
Mozambique for Pachycheles natalensis (Krauss, 1843) 
Mozambique for Pachygrapsus plicatus (H. Milne Edwards, 1837) 
Mozambique for Palaemon concinnus Dana, 1852 
Mozambique for Paracilicaea clavus Barnard, 1955 
Mozambique for Paracilicaea mossambicus Barnard, 1914 
Mozambique for Paracilicaea teretron Barnard, 1955 
Mozambique for Paracleistostoma fossula Barnard, 1955 
Mozambique for Paranchistus ornatus Holthuis, 1952 
Mozambique for Paranthura latipes Barnard, 1955 
Mozambique for Parapilumnus pisifer (McLeay, 1838) 
Mozambique for Paratymolus pubescens Miers, 1879 
Mozambique for Parorchestia notabilis K.H. Barnard, 1935 
Mozambique for Penaeopsis hilarulus De Man, 1911 
Mozambique for Periclimenes demani Kemp, 1915 
Mozambique for Periclimenes grandis (Stimpson, 1860) 
Mozambique for Periclimenes rex Kemp, 1922 
Mozambique for Petrolisthes virgatus Paulson, 1875 
Mozambique for Phymodius monticulosus (Dana, 1852) 
Mozambique for Phymodius ungulatus (H. Milne Edwards, 1834) 
Mozambique for Polyonyx Stimpson, 1858 
Mozambique for Pontogeloides latipes Barnard, 1914 
Mozambique for Pontophilus pilosus Kemp, 1916 
Mozambique for Porcellana delagoae Barnard, 1955 
Mozambique for Processa aequimana (Paulson, 1875) 
Mozambique for Processa japonica (De Haan, 1849) 
Mozambique for Pseudodromia integrifrons Henderson, 1888 
Mozambique for Pseudograpsus erythraeus Kossman, 1877