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Herbert, D. G. (1996). Observations on Clanculus tonnerrei (Mollusca Gastropoda Trochidae). Tropical Zoology. 9: 31-45.
Herbert, D. G.
Observations on <em>Clanculus tonnerrei</em> (Mollusca Gastropoda Trochidae).
Tropical Zoology
9: 31-45
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Trochus (Clanculus) tonnerrei G & H Nevill 1874, desribed from Aden, is shown to be an earlier name for the Western Indian Ocean species currently known as Clanculus gennesi Fisher 1901. The latter, plus its synonym Euchelus erythraeensis Sturany 1903, must be therefore relegated to the synonymy of T. tonnerrei. Clanculus gibbonsi Sowerby 1912 is also shown to be a synonym; type material of all the above species is illustrated. Clanculus assabensis Caramagna 1888 may be another synonym, but the type material is not available for confirmation. Radula characters and external anatomy support referral of this species to Clanculus, but subgeneric relations are unclear. It is tentatively placed in Clanculopsis. The radula is very similar to that of members of Clanculus s.s., but the apertural dentition is closer to Clanculopsis. Trochus satrapius von Martens 1874 is not considered conspecific with C. tonnerrei; type material is illustrated for comparison. Lectotypes are designated for Euchelus erythraeensis Sturany 1903 and Trochus satrapius von Martens 1874.
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