An authoritative classification and catalogue of marine names

Rhizophora mangle L., author: Flandroy, Julien
Bodotria arenosa leloeuffi ssp. nov.
Calvadosia lewisi Side View by George Branch, author: Collins, Allen G.
Lernanthropus trachuri from Brian, A 1906
Cerianthus membranaceus, author: Pillon, Roberto



Applications for the Ocean Census Awards are now OPEN!

Added on: 2024-07-01 11:42:42 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
Accelerating the rate of species discovery relies on collaboration and the sharing of resources. Ocean Census are pleased to be offering two types of financial awards to contribute towards this mission. ...

New collaboration between WoRMS and Edaphobase

Added on: 2024-06-06 13:10:51 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
Edaphobase and WoRMS started a collaboration on the exchange of taxonomic information on soil biodiversity. ...

FADA and WoRMS Announce a Renewed Collaboration

Added on: 2024-06-04 13:24:41 by Vandepitte, Leen
The Freshwater Animal Diversity Assessment Initiative (FADA) is pleased to announce a renewed start and partnership with the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS), managed by the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ). ...

MBARI and WoRMS: Collaborating to build open datasets of ocean life with FathomNet

Added on: 2024-05-28 17:21:09 by Vandepitte, Leen
What do artificial intelligence, marine life, taxonomy, and images have in common? The answer in one word is FathomNet, but the collaboration goes way beyond that. MBARI and WoRMS team up to enhance the use of AI in marine research. ...

Cnidaria editors participated in the very first WoRMS Cnidaria Workshop

Added on: 2024-05-22 17:14:04 by Dekeyzer, Stefanie
From February 27-29 2024, editors and experts on Cnidaria convened in Ostend to enhance the data and capabilities of their portals and pages in WoRMS. ...

Successful applicants announced for the “One Thousand Reasons” campaign

Added on: 2024-04-02 08:49:12 by Vandepitte, Leen
In a major stride towards understanding the mysteries of our oceans, the International Seabed Authority (ISA), in collaboration with the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) and supported by the European Union, is excited to announce the successful applicants for the groundbreaking “One Thousand Reasons” campaign. ...

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