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Talorchestia Dana, 1852

101788  (

Species Talorchestia affinis Maccagno, 1936
Species Talorchestia australis K.H. Barnard, 1916
Species Talorchestia brucei Lowry & Springthorpe, 2009
Species Talorchestia bunaken Lowry, Springthorpe & Azman, 2017
Species Talorchestia cookii Filhol, 1885
Species Talorchestia dampieri Lowry & Springthorpe, 2015
Species Talorchestia dili Lowry, Springthorpe & Azman, 2017
Species Talorchestia gracilis (Dana, 1852)
Species Talorchestia martensii (Weber, 1892)
Species Talorchestia mindorensis Oleröd, 1970
Species Talorchestia morinoi Othman & Azman, 2007
Species Talorchestia palawanensis Morino & Miyamoto, 1988
Species Talorchestia qeshm Lowry & Momtazi, 2015
Species Talorchestia seringat Lowry, Springthorpe & Azman, 2017
Species Talorchestia sipidan Lowry, Springthorpe & Azman, 2017
Species Talorchestia spinipalma (Dana, 1852)
Species Talorchestia telluris (Spence Bate, 1862)
Species Talorchestia terraereginae Haswell, 1880
Species Talorchestia yoyoae Lowry, Springthorpe & Azman, 2017

Species Talorchestia ancheidos K.H. Barnard, 1916 accepted as Floresorchestia ancheidos (K.H. Barnard, 1916) accepted as Gazia ancheidos (K.H. Barnard, 1916) (basionym)
Species Talorchestia antennulata Chevreux, 1915 accepted as Chevreuxiana antennulata (Chevreux, 1915) (superseded original combination)
Species Talorchestia brito Stebbing, 1891 accepted as Britorchestia brito (Stebbing, 1891)
Species Talorchestia capensis (Dana, 1853) accepted as Capeorchestia capensis (Dana, 1853) (superseded recombination)
Species Talorchestia deshayesii (Audouin, 1826) accepted as Deshayesorchestia deshayesii (Audouin, 1826)
Species Talorchestia kempii Tattersall, 1914 accepted as Indiorchestia kempii (Tattersall, 1914) (superseded original combination)
Species Talorchestia nipponensis Morino, 1972 accepted as Sinorchestia nipponensis (Morino, 1972) (basionym)
Species Talorchestia pelecaniformis Bellan-Santini & Ruffo, 1986 accepted as Sardorchestia pelecaniformis (Bellan-Santini & Ruffo, 1986) (basionym)
Species Talorchestia rectimana (Dana, 1852) accepted as Opunorchestia rectimana (Dana, 1852) (superseded combination)
Species Talorchestia sinensis Chilton, 1925 accepted as Sinorchestia sinensis (Chilton, 1925) (basionym)
Species Talorchestia skoogi stebbing, 1922 accepted as Africorchestia skoogi (Stebbing, 1922)
Species Talorchestia spinifera (Mateus, 1962) accepted as Africorchestia spinifera (Mateus, 1962)
Species Talorchestia sulensoni Stebbing, 1899 accepted as Amphiatlantica sulensoni (Stebbing, 1899) (superseded original combination)
Species Talorchestia tricornuta Shoemaker, 1920 accepted as Africorchestia tricornuta (Shoemaker, 1920)
Species Talorchestia tucurauna (Müller, 1864) accepted as Speziorchestia tucurauna (Müller, 1864) (superseded original combination)
Species Talorchestia ugolinii Bellan-Santini & Ruffo, 1991 accepted as Britorchestia ugolinii (Bellan-Santini & Ruffo, 1991)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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Traits (2020). Talorchestia Dana, 1852. Accessed at: on 2020-05-30
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