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Polychaeta source details

Orensanz, J.M. (1990). The Eunicemorph polychaete annelids from Antarctic and Subantarctic Seas. With addenda to the Eunicemorpha of Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, and the Southern Indian Ocean. Antarctic Research Series. 52: 1-183.
10.1029/AR052p0001 [view]
Orensanz, J.M.
The Eunicemorph polychaete annelids from Antarctic and Subantarctic Seas. With addenda to the Eunicemorpha of Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, and the Southern Indian Ocean.
Antarctic Research Series
52: 1-183
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyD)
The eunicemorph polychaetes from Antarctic and Subantarctic seas are reviewed, and new data adding to the knowledge of the eunicemorphs from New Zealand, Australia, Chile, and Argentina have been included. The systematics of the order Eunicemorpha is discussed, and suggestions are made pertinent to the status and definition of some families. It is proposed to merge the Lysaretidae with the Lumbrineridae, and the Oenonidae with the Arabellidae, and to redefine the Iphitimidae as a family independent of the Dorvilleidae. Abyssoninoe, new genus, is erected for lumbrinerids in the "abyssorum" group of Lumbrineris sensu lato. The lumbrinerid genus Eranno Kinberg is revived and redefined, and Lumbrineris Blainville is restricted. Three new genera, Mammiphitime, Pinniphitime, and Palpiphitime, are erected within the Iphitimidae. The following new species are described: Leptoecia vivipara (Antarctic; = Leptoecia abyssorum sensu Monro, 1939), Hyalinoecia incubans (New Zealand), Eunice austropacifica (Pacific-Antarctic Ridge; = Eunice frauenfeldi sensu Hartman, 1967, in part), Marphysa galluccii (Bounty-Antipodes Plateau), Arabella protomutans (Magellanic Province; = A. iricolor sensu Monro, 1930), Drilonereis viborita (Chile), Pettiboneia hartmanae (Antarctic; = Dorvillea furcata sensu Hartman, 1978), Mammiphitime tridentata (Magellanic Province; = Ophryotrocha claparedei sensu Hartman, 1953, in part), and Pinniphitime pinnognatha (Antarctic; = Paractius notialis sensu Ehlers, 1913, in part). The diagnosis of several species is substantially expanded, and new synonymies are presented in many cases, largely based on the reexamination of collections studied by other authors.
America, South
New Zealand
Southern Indian Ocean
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Abyssoninoe Orensanz, 1990 (original description)
Abyssoninoe scopa (Fauchald, 1974) (new combination reference)
Anchinothria abranchiata (McIntosh, 1885) accepted as Anchinothria pycnobranchiata (McIntosh, 1885) (source of synonymy)
Anchinothria pycnobranchiata (McIntosh, 1885) (source of synonymy)
Aotearia Benham, 1927 (status source)
Arabella (Arabella) protomutans Orensanz, 1990 accepted as Arabella protomutans Orensanz, 1990 (original description)
Arabellidae Hartman, 1944 accepted as Oenonidae Kinberg, 1865 (source of synonymy)
Dorvillea furcata Hartman, 1953 accepted as Parougia furcata (Hartman, 1953) (source of synonymy)
Dorvilleidae Chamberlin, 1919 (additional source)
Drilonereis viborita Orensanz, 1990 (original description)
Eunice austropacifica Orensanz, 1990 (original description)
Eunicida (additional source)
Eunicida (identification resource)
Eunicidae Berthold, 1827 (additional source)
Hyalinoecia incubans Orensanz, 1990 (original description)
Hyalinoecia tubicola longibranchiata McIntosh, 1885 (additional source)
Iphitimidae Fauchald, 1970 accepted as Dorvilleidae Chamberlin, 1919 (status source)
Kinbergonuphis fauchaldi Wu, Wang & Wu, 1987 (identification resource)
Leptoecia benthaliana (McIntosh, 1885) (source of synonymy)
Leptoecia vivipara Orensanz, 1990 (original description)
Lumbrineridae Schmarda, 1861 (additional source)
Lumbrineriopsis Orensanz, 1973 (status source)
Lumbrineris galatheae Knox & Green, 1972 accepted as Abyssoninoe galatheae (Knox & Green, 1972) (new combination reference)
Lumbrineris scopa Fauchald, 1974 accepted as Abyssoninoe scopa (Fauchald, 1974) (source of synonymy)
Mammiphitime tridentata Orensanz, 1990 (original description)
Marphysa galluccii Orensanz, 1990 (original description)
Marphysa parvipes (Benham, 1927) (status source)
Neonuphis Kucheruk, 1978 accepted as Leptoecia Chamberlin, 1919 (source of synonymy)
Neonuphis oxyrhinchus Kucheruk, 1978 accepted as Leptoecia oxyrhincha (Kucheruk, 1978) (source of synonymy)
Nothria conchylega anoculata Orensanz, 1974 accepted as Nothria anoculata Orensanz, 1974 (new combination reference)
Nothria lithobiformis (Fauchald, 1982) accepted as Onuphis pseudoiridescens Averincev, 1972 (source of synonymy)
Onuphidae Kinberg, 1865 (additional source)
Onuphis heterodentata Fauchald, 1982 accepted as Onuphis pseudoiridescens Averincev, 1972 (source of synonymy)
Palpiphitime Orensanz, 1990 accepted as Ophryotrocha Claparède & Mecznikow, 1869 (original description)
Palpiphitime lobifera (Oug, 1978) accepted as Ophryotrocha lobifera Oug, 1978 (new combination reference)
Paractius notialis Ehlers, 1908 accepted as Ophryotrocha notialis (Ehlers, 1908) (source of synonymy)
Paramarphysa Ehlers, 1887 accepted as Marphysa Quatrefages, 1866 (source of synonymy)
Paranorthia antarctica Hartman, 1967 accepted as Anchinothria pycnobranchiata (McIntosh, 1885) (source of synonymy)
Paronuphis benthaliana (McIntosh, 1885) accepted as Leptoecia benthaliana (McIntosh, 1885) (new combination reference)
Parougia furcata (Hartman, 1953) (new combination reference)
Pettiboneia hartmanae Orensanz, 1990 (original description)
Pinniphitime pinnognatha Orensanz, 1990 (original description)
Holotype BMNH ZK 1941.3.3.75, verbatimGeounit Off Princess Elizabe..., identified as Leptoecia vivipara Orensanz, 1990
 Editor's comment

According to Orensanz (1990:33) 'the species closely resembles K. notialis, from which it differs in having ... [details]

 Editor's comment

There appear to be no published usages yet of the Marphysa parvipes recombination, but Orensanz (1990: 61) ... [details]


Erected for A. sulcaticeps, this genus was said by Orensanz (1990) to be a senior synonym of Lumbrineriopsis ... [details]


Orensanz (1990:76) raised the question of whether Lumbrineriopsis was junior to Aotearia Benham 1927, although he ... [details]


Paramarphysa diagnostically lacks branchiae, but the genus name appears not to have been used since 1992. Orensanz ... [details]


Knox & Green recombined A. sulcaticeps in Lumbrineris. Orensanz placed it in his genus Lumbrineriopsis Orensanz, ... [details]


Orensanz (1990: 119) continued Family Iphitimidae of Fauchald (1970), adding new genera Pinniphitime, Palpiphitime, ... [details]

 Type locality

Off Princess Elizabeth Land, Antarctic, BANZ/103, 67 3' S, 74 29' E (-67.05, 74.4833), 437 m [details]