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Darbyshire, Teresa. (2014). Intertidal and nearshore Nereididae (Annelida) of the Falkland Islands, southwestern Atlantic, including a new species of Gymnonereis. ZooKeys. 427(0): 75-108.
10.3897/zookeys.427.7296 [view]
Darbyshire, Teresa
Intertidal and nearshore Nereididae (Annelida) of the Falkland Islands, southwestern Atlantic, including a new species of <i>Gymnonereis</i>
427(0): 75-108
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb). Open Access article
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The intertidal and nearshore Nereididae of the Falkland Islands are detailed and a new species of Gymnonereis described. The new species, Gymnonereis tenera sp. n., is the first record of the genus for the Falkland Islands. It is, so far, only known from a few intertidal locations in fine and muddy sands. Main distinguishing characters are: jaw teeth absent (in adults), 3 papillae in Area V-VI, falcigers absent, second ventral cirrus present throughout. Nereis atlantica McIntosh, 1885, known only from the description of a single specimen and one doubtful record from the Falkland Islands, is reviewed and transferred to Perinereis on the basis of the presence of shield-shaped bars in Area VI of the proboscis and the absence of notopodial falcigers. A key to all seven species discussed is provided.
Falkland Island; w = Burdwood Bank
Systematics, Taxonomy
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2014-08-14 01:58:34Z
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Syntype NHMUK 1885.12.1.171), verbatimGeounit Strait of Magellan, ..., identified as Nereis patagonica McIntosh, 1885
Syntype BMNH 1930.10.8.841–844, verbatimGeounit Four locations, incl..., identified as Nereis (Eunereis) hardyi Monro, 1930
Holotype NMW NMW.Z.2011.039.0102, verbatimGeounit Teal Creek, Darwin H..., identified as Gymnonereis tenera Darbyshire, 2014

"... derived from the latin adjective tener meaning ‘soft, delicate’, referring to the very soft nature of the ... [details]


Sand, shell, stones; 31–1886 m. Has not been found intertidally. [details]


"Gymnonereis tenera sp. n. is most similar to both G. sibogae and G. phuketensis and can only be distinguished from ... [details]


Darbyshire (2014:95) suggests the paragnath arrangement originally reported in the only specimen is from an ... [details]

 Type locality

Teal Creek, Darwin Harbour, East Falkland, Falkland Islands, S Atlantic, 51 49.248' S, 58 55.561' W (-51.82056, ... [details]