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Polychaeta source details

Yoshihara, Taiki; Hiruta, Shimpei F.; Katoh, Toru; Kajihara, Hiroshi. 2012. Three species of Amphicorina (Annelida, Sabellida, Sabellidae) from Japan, with descriptions of two new species. ZooKeys 187: 45-62
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyD)
We describe two new species and redescribe one in the polychaete genus Amphicorina Claparede, 1864 (Sabellidae) from Hokkaido, Japan. Amphicorina ascidicola sp. n. differs from its 38 congeners chiefly in the reduction of the collar, but also in having three pairs of radioles, one pair of ventral radiolar appendages, a bifurcate ventral lobe on the anterior peristomial ring, six abdominal chaetigers, and a large anterior tooth on the abdominal uncini. Amphicorina ezoensis sp. n. has a crenulated collar, three pairs of radioles, and more than eight (12) abdominal chaetigers; A. ezoensis sp. n. shares these character states with A. anneae (Rouse, 1994), A. eimeri (Langerhans, 1880), and A. persinosa (Ben-Eliahu, 1975), but differs from them in having two pairs of ventral radiolar appendages and a non-oblique collar. Amphicorina mobilis (Rouse, 1990) was previously known only from the type locality (New South Wales, Australia), but we identify our Japanese material as conspecific on the basis of morphological and molecular similarity.
2013-01-12 18:30:12Z

Holotype ZIUU 206), verbatimGeounit Either shore at Misa..., identified as Fabricia ventrilinguata Johansson, 1922
Holotype HUM ZIHU 3926, verbatimGeounit Higashi-shizunai, Ho..., identified as Amphicorina ascidicola Yoshihara, Hiruta, Katoh & Kajihara, 2012

The unclear authorship and date of Amphicorina, usually attributed to Quatrefages during the 19th C, has been ... [details]


Yosihara et al (2012) present a table of similar species. No unique characters are presented which differentiate A. ... [details]


specific name, a noun, is a combination of ascidia (sea squirt) and -cola (dweller), referring to the fact that the ... [details]


"... specific epithet is an adjective derived from Ezo, the old place name for Hokkaido, in combination with the ... [details]

 Taxonomic remark

"Amphicorina ezoensis is similar to A. anneae (Rouse, 1994), A. eimeri (Langerhans, 1880), and A. persinosa ... [details]

 Type locality

Higashi-shizunai, Hokkaido, Japan, 42 16' N, 142 27' E. [details]

 Type locality

Setana, Hokkaido, Japan, 42°33'N, 139°50'E, depth not stated [details]

 Type specimen

Nomen dubium as the only museum specimen is not as described in print and cannot be the type. Based on the ... [details]