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Polychaeta source details

NameDavoult, D.; Dewarumez, J.-M.; Luczak, C.; Migné, A. (1999). Nouvelles signalisations d'espèces benthiques sur les côtes françaises de la Manche orientale et de la Mer du Nord [New reports of benthic species from the french coasts of the eastern English Channel and the North Sea]. Cah. Biol. Mar. 40(2): 121-127
Type Publication
Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorFabricia sabella (Ehrenberg, 1836) accepted as Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorFabricia stellaris (Müller, 1774) (additional source)
Arctic Ocean for Chone filicaudata Southern, 1914
Arctic Ocean for Fabricia sabella (Ehrenberg, 1836)
Baltic sea for Nephtys assimilis Örsted, 1843
Black Sea for Fabricia sabella (Ehrenberg, 1836)
Black Sea for Spio decorata Bobretzky, 1870
Bordeaux for Hesionura elongata (Southern, 1914)
Boulogne-sur-Mer for Glycera celtica O'Connor, 1987
Bretagne Sud for Glycera oxycephala Ehlers, 1887
British Isles for Mediomastus fragilis Rasmussen, 1973
Calais for Fabricia sabella (Ehrenberg, 1836)
Calais for Hesionura elongata (Southern, 1914)
Calais for Protodriloides chaetifer (Remane, 1926)
Celtic Sea for Glycera celtica O'Connor, 1987
Danish Exclusive Economic Zone for Hesionura elongata (Southern, 1914)
Dieppe for Chone filicaudata Southern, 1914
Dieppe for Glycera oxycephala Ehlers, 1887
Dublin Bay for Mediomastus fragilis Rasmussen, 1973
Dunkerque for Anaitides longipes (Kinberg, 1866)
Dunkerque for Capitella giardi (Mesnil, 1897)
Dunkerque for Mediomastus fragilis Rasmussen, 1973
Dunkerque for Nephtys assimilis Örsted, 1843
Dunkerque for Spio decorata Bobretzky, 1870
English Channel for Anaitides longipes (Kinberg, 1866)
English Channel for Glycera celtica O'Connor, 1987
English Channel for Spio decorata Bobretzky, 1870
Estuary of the Canche for Anaitides longipes (Kinberg, 1866)
Estuary of the Canche for Capitella giardi (Mesnil, 1897)
Estuary of the Canche for Myriochele oculata Zachs, 1923
Greenlandic Exclusive Economic Zone for Protodriloides chaetifer (Remane, 1926)
Indian Ocean for Protodriloides chaetifer (Remane, 1926)
Irish Sea for Chone filicaudata Southern, 1914
Isle of Man for Capitella giardi (Mesnil, 1897)
Isle of Man for Fabricia sabella (Ehrenberg, 1836)
Liverpool Bay for Mediomastus fragilis Rasmussen, 1973
Mediterranean Sea for Fabricia sabella (Ehrenberg, 1836)
Mediterranean Sea for Glycera celtica O'Connor, 1987
Mediterranean Sea for Protodriloides chaetifer (Remane, 1926)
Mediterranean Sea for Spio decorata Bobretzky, 1870
North East Atlantic for Capitella giardi (Mesnil, 1897)
North East Atlantic for Chone filicaudata Southern, 1914
North Sea for Chone filicaudata Southern, 1914
North Sea for Fabricia sabella (Ehrenberg, 1836)
North Sea for Glycera celtica O'Connor, 1987
North West Atlantic for Capitella giardi (Mesnil, 1897)
North West Atlantic for Glycera oxycephala Ehlers, 1887
North West Atlantic for Protodriloides chaetifer (Remane, 1926)
Norwegian Exclusive Economic Zone for Glycera oxycephala Ehlers, 1887
Pacific Ocean for Protodriloides chaetifer (Remane, 1926)
Plymouth for Capitella giardi (Mesnil, 1897)
Roscoff for Anaitides longipes (Kinberg, 1866)
Roscoff for Capitella giardi (Mesnil, 1897)
Roscoff for Fabricia sabella (Ehrenberg, 1836)
Shetlands for Mediomastus fragilis Rasmussen, 1973
West Africa for Nephtys assimilis Örsted, 1843
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