WoRMS included in data management software product

Added on 2013-07-10 14:04:20 by Costello, Mark
Thomson Ecology will soon include and distribute WoRMS within their data management software. This is the first formal agreement with a commercial company by WoRMS even though many users may be from commercial organisations.
Thomson Ecology is a leading ecological consulting company in the UK, a partner in European biodiversity research projects and networks, and their software is used internationally. Although the same content is freely accessible to people online, its inclusion in the software provides added functionality for their customers. In return, Thomson Ecology will provide a royalty payment to SMEBD (of which WoRMS is part) on the software sales that will be used to reinvest in WoRMS. The software will include WoRMS in a couple of months time, and purchasers may get a discount voucher from


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